Monday, May 16, 2016

Whups Who furgot da post

So Timmy furgot to post today and guess who he asked to fill in. Me! Of course he chose me who else can present such good looks and charm without trying. Yep, Me! Now I will do a meow and dance routine you are sure to like...
RUMPY, it was your post, you furgot, just the post 
But they waaaant to see...
Post please
Grumble... Mumble...

So the other day Mr Fevvers made out like I was all butter-paws in my All Play and No Work post you can see HERE. I want to set the record straight on  my athletic prowess

See I got Mr Straw no problem

I am going to nibble him a bit

Ha Ha got away, 3 wins. Best out of 5... no 7 Ha Ha
You promised not to say anything till after the post!

Oh... right... Ha Ha best out of 7?

Mumble... Grumble...
Gee you shed a lot Rumpy
Hush up you face 

Rumpy Bump
Mr Straw


  1. You show that Mr Straw who's boss!

  2. You're not butterpaws at all!

    But having buttery paws might taste pretty good, now that we think of it...

  3. Rumpy we think you are a PAWSOME Hunter! Don't let those brainless toys tell you otherwise!
    Your Fan Club
    Marty and the Gang

  4. No doubt about it - you've still got it Rumpy! Fast moves, quick teefs - Mr. Straw never had a chance!

    Hugs, Sammy

  5. Hiya Timmy, hope all is well, just stopping by to say hi *waves paw*

    Fab foto's today!


    Basil xox

  6. Don't worry, Rumpy. If you have fun, then nothing else matters.

  7. dood....straw doez knot stand a chance against ewe.....

    straw = ZEE ROE
    rump = 459,263,743,122 ☺☺☺

  8. Rumpy, get that straw and show it who's boss! You could chew him up and spit him back out!!!

  9. MOL Oh Rumpy we have no doubt you are a mighty hunter. Be careful with dat straw. Hope things are goin' well. Sendin' purrayers.

    Luv ya'


  10. Yous guys sure knows how to entertain this old grrl! Mes loves stopping by it's always so much fun!

  11. You all make my meowning and nitenite's too.


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