Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Handsome Toby: Interlude with Manly Men

Dad! Oh Daaaad!
Yes Toby
Scritches Please

Sure thing
Ohhhh, Ahhhhh

I like it
*Nibble, Nibble*

Toby you're really funny

A little more?
You sure love your Head Scritches

Yessss, so nice

Thanks Dad. How about I hop on over to purr you up
Sure thing Toby

Oh My!
Whats wrong?
Will sitting on your lap mess up my Street Cred?
I think not. After all we are two Manly Men
Cool. Purrrr, Purrrr, Purrrr

Toby Tomcat
Dad Pete


  1. Toby! You are one lover boy! You sure know how to make your Dad feel needed and loved...and he returns the favor! Great duo there, you and your Dad!

  2. Toby, aren't you indoors-only? That already messes with your street cred, since you can't go out in the street!

  3. Thanks for the share. Toby really loves his head rubs from dad. Hopefully you didn't lose any street cred for the last picture. We love it. Have a great day.
    World of Animals

  4. dood....we haz never meeted mor menly manz than ewe N popz in de en tire hiss tree oh power dood !! ♥♥


  5. My foster-cat, Parker, loves his head-scritches, too. So did my Tungsten. Maybe in my home, it's an orange cat thing. But over there, black cats are its biggest fan, I think.

  6. Nothing wrong with Dad time, Toby! That's a mancatly thing to do!

  7. are adorable, Toby💗Here comes a Pawkiss right on your head🐾😽💞

  8. Oh Toby, nothing can mess up your street cred. Part of being a manly man is being SENSITIVE and LOVING....if enjoying a good scritch isn't in that category then I say HISSSSSSSS!

    Hugs, Teddy

  9. Purr purr purr purr and scratch away! Yummy, wonderful and manly too!

  10. Nothing wrong with manly cuddles Toby. All the best mancats enjoy them.

  11. Toby, you are a character and we won't tell anyone how you feel about scritches.



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