Friday, March 2, 2018

Buddy Celebrates Kali's Life

Ello frenz Buddy Budd heer. Taday ah wanna tellz yoo all bout da most beautifur kittah dere ever waz, Kali from da Canadian Catz. We meetin a few yearz ago an it waz lovin at furst sightz.

Heer in 2015 we at da Birfdayz Pawty at Kali's houze
Me, Einsteiner and Timmerz went ta celebrates.
Mah heart goin Pita-Pat, Pita-Pat

She sendin me a cardy. It makin dis catz lipz smilin

An we ringin in dat ol 2016 Yeppers

Whut a gud timer we'z had on St Paddy'z Day 2016

Our 4th July Picknicker waz such funz

Ah givin Kali a Rosey Posey Halloweinie 2016
Dat tree sayz it all!

Mah Kali shur can talkin lak a piratez

Heer we iz at Sammy'z Bacon Harvester. She gotta BIG basket uf Baconz. Mmmmmm

Diz da Cardz an Giftee ah givvin her on her Birfdayz 05/10/17
Oh gal dat day was purrfect!

Here we iz on Halloweenie las yearz. She sooo hot!

On Catzmus las yeer we hadda nice breakie uf our favoritez Salmon Pate'z. We luvved our timer tagetherz.

Ah sooo glad we got ta spendin Valenitnerz day tagetherz dis year!

An one uf da tings dat we will alwayz, alwayz hav tagetherz iz mah Secret Garden. Mah Garden winna prize way bak in da
Russian Bluez Lounge at Catster. No one ever go dere but
me an Kali. Ah gonna go and sleepin dere an Kali yoo
come in mah dreamin. Yepper

Course dere so much more bout Kali at her Lovin Home. Her Mom, Dad and Shoko missin her terrible. She waz sucha cutiez!

Good Bye my sweet! I knowz you will visit mah dreamz!
Love you furever and ever mah sweet gal!
We will meet again fur sure cuz Love Neva Passes!

Buddy Budd

We are all very sad and send our love and support to Mom, Dad and Shoko at The Canadian Cats. Please drop by and send them support.
Dad Pete


  1. That was a most loving tribute to your most wonderful lady. Hugs from all of us.

  2. We are deeply touched, Buddy. This was a wonderful celebration to your girl, Kali. She was a very special lady. She loved you with all her heart and often had your picture on her bed when she was sore and needed your soothing self to relax her. She will be waiting for you at the Bridge.
    We are going to repost this beautiful tribute to Canadian Cats. Thank you to our wonderful friends,

    Jean, Dad Bill and Shoko

  3. You wrote a lovely tribute to Kali.

  4. dood....yur tribute ta kali iz total lee awesum mega sooper grate...984 pawz up and az manee ♥♥♥♥♥

  5. This is such a wonderful tribute to beautiful Kali. She was loved by all. XO

  6. Kali was an absolute sweetheart. We are so sad that she had to leave her family and you, Buddy Budd. We know she will come to you in your dreams and will be waiting for you at the RB. We will honor and remember her on our selfies post. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  7. Oh Buddy, what a beautiful tribute to your lovely Kali. Purrs.

  8. What a wonderful life story you had with your darling Kali, Buddy Budd. We know that you loved her very much and she loved you right back. It's sad when the one you love so much has become an Angel, but know that you be reunited one day <3 Soft Pawkisses to comfort you and your family <3 <3 <3

  9. This is a beautiful tribute to your girl Kali, Buddy. You made many happy memories together.

  10. What a sweet and beautiful tribute to Kali. Purrs

  11. Oh true love! Sending hugs and purrs to all--Kali was so beautiful!
    Purrs, Meep

  12. Such a sad article, Buddy, but very loving. Every cat has such an effect on her people - and her feline friends. Everyone was lucky to know Kali.

  13. The most loving tribute to Kali. I know her fur family will love it.

  14. Buddy, your love for your dear sweet Kali will forever endure. Whata touching and sweet tribute.


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