Sunday, April 9, 2017

Buddy Budd's Sunday Selfie

Before we do our Happy Birthday and Sunday Selfie...

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Remember there are diffurent cat-agories but we are the best, we think any meow MOL. On with out post...

we want to say something to our friend Marg:

Thanks for all the good you do for so many and the fun
you bring to us all! Happy Birthday

Yoo havva speshul day Marg!

Pleez visit our pals at The Cat on My Head fur funz!

So guessin ya figgur out dis iz Buddy Budd an I be da Tomcat Fambly kittah fur da Sunday Selfie. Dad sayz ah doin so gud gud gud wit mah eatin an stuff he very proud uf me. Ah feelin very gud gud gud so ah likin it too'z. 
Wanna tell ya all ah like mah water outta da tub. Da Dad don't alwayz close da tappy all da way so ah git a nice cool drinkie so dere are repurrcushions.

Check out mah Wet-Hed Selfiez! MOL!
Thanky Thankz Dad

Buddy Budd


meowmeowmans said...

Good job eating your stuffs, Buddy Budd!

Happy birthday to Miss Marg. She is the best, isn't she?

Off to go vote for you and Einstein now.


Summer at said...

MOL, maybe you can make the Wet Head a fashion statement, Buddy! I'm glad you're doing well.

Miss Julie and Mr Izzy said...

I like water out o the tub too! But my mommy sayz it wrecks the fawcet and then it won't shut off all the wayz at all and it just dripz and dripz. I do not mind but it costs her too many green paperz so she bought me a fountain bowl by Drinkwell. I luvz it! She put it by the tub so I got used to it real quick like. We cats don't like our water near our foodz.

Anonymous said...

MOL..nice Wet head Selfie, Buddy :D Extra Pawkisses for you all :) <3