Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Rumpy S Fall

I love playing with the Fitz's S Scratcher
Be careful Rumpy

Mewni careful is my middle name

Hey what's under here?

I... Need... To... Get... It...
Oh Noes

I need a plan.
I Know! Yea Cat!

You are no match for The Rumpy!
Master of all I survey!
The Cat who can...

Whups. Gee that thing is unsteady

Don't tell Fitz alright Mewni!
*Sigh* OK Rumpy
Thanks Dude

Do you know why Rumpy has 2 posts this week? 
I  do so stop back on Caturday so you know too!

Rumpy Bump 


  1. I hope Fitz doesn't figure out the culprit!

  2. Yeah, I hope Fitz duzn't find out.

  3. Rumpy can be rump-bunctious when playing. I hope it doesn't get him into trouble...

  4. Is Rumpy's birthday or Gotcha Day coming up?

  5. Rumpy, we're sure nobuddy will notice. ;)

  6. Oh Rumpy, dat's okay, who says Fitz should have her very own scratcher. MOL 'Course, me wishes Raena would use hers and leave me's favorite scratcher alone. Da girly has cooties ya' know. MOL Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  7. Rumpy, We did not see anything! We do not know what happened to the scratchier!

  8. Thank cat you didn't fell down, Rumpy, but my lips are sealed :D Pawkisses for a wonderful day :) <3

  9. I think that scratcher was just trying to FLY off that table - you had nothing to do with "encouraging" it! Innocent! Totally innocent right Rumpy???

    Hugs, Angel Sam

  10. Fitz won't be happy when she sees her scratcher on the ground, Rumpy.

  11. Wow! We could hear that clunk way ovfur here!
    Hope that Miss Fitz isn't too upset.


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