Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Card Curiosity

Hey Rumpy, These cards smell Devine!
It's just the tree Buttons. Nothing special.
I don't know. Hey Timmy, com'ere and smell this.

Yep something here fur sure. Rumpy check this out.
Never mind Timmy. I need a nap.
*Sigh* Yo Buddy Budd. Check this out.

Hoo Cat Timmerz sumptin gud gud gud here!

*Lick Lick Lickity Lick Lick*

You raght Timmerz. It smellz lak... Lak...
Simplee Deevine!

That was close Angela. Buddy almost saw us.
Sure was Angelo.

It looks like things are ready for Angelie.
Lets call her Angelo.

Hello Angelie.
Hi Angelie.
Hello Angels. Where is the kitty who needs
Christmas Magic

Rumpy: Tim, Buddy and Buttons are so silly. But then again...
Here he is now.
Yep, good old Rumpy. Don't worry he can't see us.
Hmm. He is on Santa's naughty list, but, Christmas
is a special time of giving. I better get working
with my Angel Kitty Dust.

Dad: Well I wonder what special Christmas Magic Rumpy has coming. I hope it's better behavior. Stop by later when we open some goodies for Christmas eve. We are having a small pawty on Christmas day also. 
Happy Holidays from our family to you and yours!


  1. We think something is up at your den!
    Hmmm...wonder what it could be? We are bursting with kitty curiosity!

  2. Are the cards nipped :D Pawkisses for a Merry Christmas to you all :) <3

  3. We think there might be nip in that card too!

    A very merry Christmas to you all. We hope you have a wonderful celebration. :-)

  4. That card must have been stored with the Christmas goodies!

  5. Now what be goin' on at yous house? Weez sure hope yous all hav a very Merry and blest Christmas.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  6. Meowy Chrissymouse and Happy Holidays ! Purrs

  7. Wow! Those sure are some great lookin' cards!

    And speakin' of cards, I have good news and bad. The good news is that I sent you a card and it was mailed before Christmas. The bad news is that no way, no how will it GET TO YOU by Christmas. Canada Post doens't use eggbeater-teleportation technology, you see.

    Hmmm... You know somethin'? I should try sellin' Canada Post a couple of eggbeater teleporation devices or somethin'. MOUSES!



  8. If Rumpy needs the help of three angel-kitties, he must need a lot! I'll stop in tomorrow to see.

    In the meantime, I want to wish everyone there a very merry Christmas and fun over the holidays - which I'm sure will happen if Rumpy's angel-helpers have anything to do with it.

  9. Those cards are just purrfect! Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

  10. I can't wait to find out what's going on. What is the magic that the angels are going to use on Rumpy.

  11. Buddy Budd you are looking very handsome!


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