Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Buddy Budd wit Funz an da Retractor

He Catz!
Buddy Budd bein heer wit daRetractor Noticer!

Ah doan knowz whut dat Timmerz wuz tinkin? He wen an putta werd inna Bloggie dat izza furbidder werd. It be furbidder cuz we stander inz solidaar-ity wit ar pals at da Trout Towner!

Whut he bin thinker! He shudda sayed: Da B... 
Hoo-Cat! Buddy Budd almoz sayed it! 

He shudds sayed: B-werd Cat Catcher Toy by the maker of Go Cat Feather Toys

So diz a officer Retractor Noticer of da Tomcatz Fambly usin dat Negatoree B-Werd!

Big Tomcat Sorree Sorree too da Trout Townz!
Yep Yep

Now dat Funz comin! 

Furst we gotta veree nize paw painter Paintin by Cole of da Colehaus Cats

Painting by Cole of the Colehaus Cats!
Click photo to order yours!

Dad readee ta painter and new rugger da Tomcat Man-Shun! That sum gud gud gud paintin gonna be onna wall!

Now more Funnin! 

Youz all inviter to da Buddy Budd'z owner secretz Gardenz. Buddy bin sharin! Fur da summa you doan gotta be a Bloo ta visiter (sept when Buddy iz havin hiz bloo frens in fur da partee hartee.) 

You all inviter to mah Gardenz. Doan gotta bee Bllue! 

Thanker fur visitin!
Your Buddy 
Buddy Budd


  1. That painting is very lovely! I like the pastel color.
    And your garden looks pretty with nice picnic area! We are gonna visit and we ate bloos, too!

  2. dood...knot ta worree....sum times we get ta cuzzin N use de B werd two....

    like just this mornin we looked out da window...we seed a stooooooooooooopid rood bug infested caca droppin BURD in de yard N yelled...

    ya bass turd...get off de prop er teez...N guess what

    noe...guess again ~~~~~~~~

    de garden iz rockin...we wood like ta haz sum mac N cheeze pleez !!

    a ton oh toona twoozday ta all N conga ratz on yur DB statuz =^..^= tim N toby

  3. All dees Blue kitties will be pleased to join you in your Secret Summer Garden. Those look like some mighty nice noms. Thank you for the invitation. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  4. Hi Buddy Budd! You showed Quint's painting and it looks pawsome at your Tomcat mansion! Thank you for showing it! And what a garden! We'd keep this a secret too if our looked as great as yours. You really know how to live!! Purrs...

  5. That painting by Quint is pawsome! You're so lucky to have sucha beautiful piece of art, by such a master. We love that secret garden, too, pals!

  6. Wow! That's a nice secret garden, with what appears to be secret treats =^.^=

  7. Wow, that is one nice secret garden Buddy Budd. I would love to come visit you. perhaps we could hunt bugs together.

  8. sqquueee!! Buddy...waves paws madly at Buddy...hey, Buddy...over here...Savannah here!!...I'm Blue to so can I come to your secret pawty in your secret garden for the Blues????? Let me know when...paw pats, Savannah..peeEss waves paw to Timothy too

  9. oh we'd luv to come and visit Your Secret Garten..... lookz like a mighty Fine picnic too! ^.,^ x5 Headbuttz & Purrz~

  10. What a beautiful Secret Summer garden, Timmy. I would be pleased to come Buddy Budd :)


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