Thursday, April 4, 2013

Buddy Budd Publik Warnin!

So ah tellin ya! Beware! Youz say Whut? Ah sez youz see sooner den sayin.

Ah waz reztin, chillin, ree-laxin. Gittin reddy ta take-a snoozer.

A gentle-cat doez his toilette-du-fur befo sleepin so ah waz lickin, lickin, licken away.

We gotta big famleez so dere alwayz some kinda obztruction or deztruction roun here. Shur nuff here come mah own purrsonal obztruction. Yessir!

Rumpy: HI BUDDY! What’s up? What-cha doin? Huh? What-cha doin? Huh?

What Chuu wantz anyhoo dere Rumperz? 

Ah waz gonna napperz an...

Rumpy: “OH!! OH!! OH!! HOLD IT!! HOLD IT!!”

Rumpy: “OH, Goodness, its, its, oh, I gotta, I gotta...”


Rumpy: “So anyhow Buddy, where were we, what where you saying?”

Ah Waz Sayin! Ah Wanna Getta Napperz an...

Rumpy: “HOLD IT! HOLD IT! Down Under is Itchy too!”

RUMPERZ! Oh Mah Cat! Diz a fambly Blogz Dood

Rumpy: “Mmpphhh Ahhhhh... Much better! Now what were you saying”

Ah waz sayin dat... You GOTTA git you sum Mannerizimz! Big Timez Dood! Big Timez! Ah Outta Herez!

Rumpy: What? What'sa matter with you? Gee Whiskers!

Dat why da Buddy luv hiz Rapturiouz Restinz Roost!

A Catz gotta havva gud one cat ONLY sleepin spotz!

Now youz be Warnint! Bewary of dem Bro-fursz!


Your Buddy
Buddy Bud


  1. buddy B...toss a trout in that direct shunz


    and rump will go a runnin N leeve ya ta due sum chillaxin !!

    rump iz ...itchin...ta get ta hiz birthday presents huh !!!

  2. Brothers! They NEVER pays attention!

  3. We think all that itching and scratching Rumpy was doing was to get you to leave so he could get your spot. Glad you have another one you like, Buddy. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on my head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette


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