Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Buddy Budd with Rumpys Update

If ya knowz about Rumperz Vet Visit  ya knowz we waitin
fur da results of the as-pie-ration. No Info Yet!
He feelin OK Doe K whichz Gud Gud Gud
We will letcha knowz, when we knowz. Sooner maybe

Ah wanta As-Pie-Ration. Wondur whut flavorz dat?
Now back to da bloggin
Timmerz whutcha givin me da Evilz Eyez fur?

I'm not Buddy

Au-Contraindicatin yoo  iz. 
No I...

Yoo allz wound-round ah git dem treaters
No harder feelinz. Yoo git sum later
Alright my dear Buddy
Lez not gittin sloppiez
No worries MOL

Buddy Budd
Timmy Tomcat


  1. Oh, its so hard to wait and wait, isn't it?!
    BuddyBudd, you are so handsome.
    Now wake up and go and nosh down all those treats!

  2. I hope the results are good! I get the feeling that BuddyBudd doesn't know what he's talking about, MOL!

  3. I hope the results are soon back and that it is good news. Waiting is the hardest.

  4. I agree, waiting is no fun but we're sure purring for a good repurrot!

  5. rumpy...dood.....we hope de nooze iz nothing but good better best ♥♥

  6. We hope the news is good when you finally get it.

  7. It takes so long to get results. I am praying for you. XO

  8. We know all 'bout the waitin'. We're sendin' hugs and purrayers. Ifin ya' need anythin', just holler.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  9. Waiting is always the hardest part, huh? We are purring and praying for good results!

  10. That must be a bit frustrating, waiting for results of the tests. I'm sure Rumpy will be just fine, but it always helps to have a doctor tell you so. Spread the good news as soon you hear it, guys!

  11. We cross our paws and hope you get good results ! Purrs

  12. Purraying for good news, kitties🙇‍♀️Pawkisses for a Healthy day :) <3

  13. I've got my paws crossed for Rumpy's test results to show nothing bad - I'm glad to hear he's acting OK and seems to be feeling OK. When one of us hurts - ALL of us hurt right boys? Hugs all around...

    Love, Teddy


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