Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Whut Yoo Doin Anyhoo? Buddy Budd

Yo Dad Whut Yoo Doin Anyhoo?
Timmy and Einstein want me to be typist fur visiting the
Cat Scouts Hello Kitty Dinner. Tonight is a French Picnic

Dood, yoo gotta git wit da programz
And what is the program Buddy?

Comin ova herez an givvin Buddy Budd hiz Hed Scritcherz
But this is only one night out of seven
Eggzactlee! One iz missin!
How about we do both?
Bof? Wel ah guessin so'z

Buddy Budd - Pushin Da Limiter
Dad Pete - Loving his Big Blue


  1. Yep, you can't leave out the skritches!

  2. You have to keep your priorities straight. :)

  3. dinner sounds awesum....hope everee one haz grate time !! ☺☺♥♥

  4. I have to get my Sammy back to those dinners, I always forget.

  5. It's a good thing cat-dads have two hands, eh, Buddy?

  6. Head scratches are a priority! They trump lots of other things. Tee hee hee. -Valentine (& Mom) of Noir Kitty Mews

  7. No day is complete without head scritches.


  8. You goota have the right priorities, MOL! Glad you told your Dad that, Buddy Budd! And he was wise to heed your catvice!
    I like to remind petcretary that I am there in need of scrithces too...I get on the chair behind her and paw at her till she obliges, MOL!

  9. Aaaaaaaaw Buddy, we're sure you get purrlenty of luvvins. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena


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