Monday, March 20, 2017

Toby N Toys N Fun

I love having fun with my toys

I always make sure no one is sneaking up to snag them.
They are All Mine, after all!

I really like this one from ChrispMouse. It has a nice
subdued nip scent. Very alluring

The little fuzzy top is so cool!
It tickles hee hee hee

Now I need to figure out how to play with two
toys at the same time!
I wonder if I can handle double the fun?

Toby Tomcat


  1. Oh, it is totally possible to play with two toys at once!

  2. I know you can handle two - maybe three - oh heck - GO FOR IT TOBY AND GRAB 'EM ALL!!

    Love, Angel Sam and Ted

  3. It looks like you're enjoying yourself just fine with a single toy, Toby. Who needs two at once?

  4. Toby, we think you are up for the challenge!

  5. why of course you can handle double fun Toby, you are a cat after all

  6. dood....if ya master de two toy up....two food bowlz at de same time !! ☺☺☺♥♥

  7. You are super ferocious, Toby! If I were a toy, I'd be scared ;)

  8. We have faith that you can handle the fun cutie!!

  9. Toby, The world is your oyster, buddy! Go all the way with those toys!

  10. You have some fun toys, Toby. We hope the others don't find out about them.

  11. Hey I just found you at the Blogville Self Pawtrait Gallery. You were commenting on the pawtraits. I'm a dog, but I like kitties a lot. In fact, I live with an orange tabby cat called Hazuzu. Sometimes I guard all of my toys and other times I take them one by one and put them in a safe place. I ony play with one at a time, but I am aware of all of them because my main job is home security, even though I am only 10 pounds and our kitty is bigger than me. I'm following you because I always like to make new furends.
    From Vancouver,
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  12. You just have to watch those toy takers! They are always sneaking up on us to grab something.

  13. Oh Toby, you are so adorable. Have fun handsum. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  14. You bet ya you could play with two...or even more, and its prolly easier than juggling with those tennis balls we see dog guy using... Lets have a post showing off your skills!

  15. I know you can do it, Toby! When my mum gets my freshly nip marinated toys out I have been known to play with four or five at the same time.


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