Friday, February 12, 2016

Love is in the Air

After the Mardi Gras Pawty at Cat Scouts my sweetie
Shoko stopped in on the way home. Look at the cute
photo of her in a bikini she gave me. Kissy Kiss Shoo

Oh Einie you are my special floofy fellow!

Yoo Betcha Einsteiner. Kali came too an Lookit whut mah gal Kali gimmee!
Oh my big Buddy Budd you are so sweet, tee hee

You know Buddy, I think the whole family is having sweet dreams
Yep, yoo got dat right. Yessir!

Zzzz... Oh Dora... Zzzz...

Zzzz... Oh Toby... Zzzz...

Oh my lovely lady Fitz how I adore thee...
Toby Shush!
What? Who?

I wonder if that nice HKL kitty, Aspen, noticed me?
Sigh... I hope so...

It nice sleepin wit mah sweetie pin upz an mah Dad.
Oh yez, ya mus be wonderin bout who Rumperz
secret admirez iz.

Treats how I love thee let me count the ways. On the floor,
on the table, on the couch, in my mouth, going to bed,
eat them off Einsteins head, steal a bag, hide the sway, get
some more and...

Timmy Tomcat, Toby Tomcat, Buddy Budd, Rumpy Bump, Mr Buttons, Miss Fitz, Einstein, Dad Pete


  1. Love is in the air at your house for sure!!! Guess you're all ready to enjoy Valentine's Day with your various sweeties. I'm sending you wishes for a happy Friday AND weekend!

    Love, Sammy

  2. Oh there is a lot of love in the air... and Shoks paw-kini photo is just fabulous... her fur fits great with yellow, right?

  3. doodz & fitz.....N joy yur week oh end with yur lovez...rumpy....we haz de same valentinez ewe due buddy !!!

    heerz two a happee heartz day oh love ~~~~~ kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  4. Enjoy your weekend of love everyone!

  5. MOL Way to go Rumpy, you got da right idea fur sure. You all look so gawjus it's no wunner you all be takin' off da luv market. Hope you have a pawsum Valentine's day. We's spendin' it wiff our furst true luv...mommy. And Happy Valentine's day to you too uncle Pete.

    Luv you all bunches

    Dezi and Lexi

  6. Looks like love is all around your house, you fabulous cats! Have a good one with your sweeties of choice!

  7. Mes loves treats, too, Rumpy!

    How is Buddy doing?


  8. Happy Valentine's Day All!!!! Sending lots of Love your way!!!!
    Marty and the Gang

  9. Happy Valentines Day.
    Hope your day is filled with hearts and treats...

    Noodle and crew

  10. MOL We look awesome...oh...I'm suppose to be humble...ok Kali. What a dreamy furmily. Einy you look as handsome as ever. Kali was so overcome by Budd Budd she is drooling all over the picture of him.

    We loves yur family!

    Shoko and Kali xoxox

  11. Y'all are having some sweet dreams. Makes for a very happy Valentine's day.

  12. Happy Valentine's Day kitties!!

    We MOL'd at Rumpy...hey one has to show love to something, MOL!

    Hope you all had a fun day!


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