Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Toby's Taileo Trials

Gotcha now! What, are you begging fur mercy?
You get None!

Mwa ha ha ha, you are Mine Now!

The sneak escape will do you no go...

Toby, Toby, TOBY!

Yes dearest Fitz
Can you please be a bit quieter when you and Taileo play
Oh fur-sure my honey-bunch

I just don't get that Man-Cat, but he sure is cute

Now where did you go? Here taileo, come here fella...

Toby Tomcat
Miss Fitz


  1. You and Pipo must have similar hobbies...chasing taileo is a lot of fun...Pipo sometimes rolls all ovfur the floor like a ball trying to snag that taileo of his, MOL!!
    Do you whap your tail?? Pipo does that sometimes, too:))

  2. MOL, Toby! I didn't know tails were playtoys - maybe it's a boy thing because my half brother does that too.

  3. MOL ! Sometimes I still play with my tail like a kitten too ! Purrs, Pixie

  4. dood...bak in hiz day, sauce loved playin with & chasin hiz tail two !! ♥♥♥

  5. Don't let that tail get the better of you, Toby.

  6. I hope you aren't too rough with your tail. My KaTwo attacks her tail and ends up with scabs all over it.

  7. Look ou, Toby! Your taileo is right behind you!

  8. MOL! I used to chase my very own tail...but then it wasn't interesting once I discovered peacock fevvers...just sayin'...MOL

  9. Don't look behind you, Toby...

    None of my cats chase their tails - but they will swat at each other's from time to time.

  10. MOL Ooh handsum maybe you oughtta play wiff da toys stead of yous tail. Dat might really hirt ifin you was to accidently chomp down. MOL Have a gweat day.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  11. You'll catch that wily and elusive tail! xo

  12. (we have the same problem with Faraday. Somekitties are just LOUD, right???)


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