Friday, November 27, 2015

Buddy's MIA

Fitz have you seen Buddy Budd, he was supposed to do todays post
No Timmy. I think... there he is now.
No worree Timmerz. Ah git it done raght nowz.

Ah a bit tired cuz da Dad tooken me to da stabby place.
He worree cauz ah loozin weights. Feelin fine juz thinning a bit.
Dey stab meez an take mah shiny reds inner jooze.

Dad says ah gotta take a pill but jus a tiny one. He gonna
wrapit up in treat lak Rumperz get hiz.
Yea Dad bring on dem Magic Pillz

Buddy has been slowly loosing weight but it picked up a bit over the past year. He is 15 this year and needed a geriatric check up in any case. He has a very slightly elevated thyroid function so we are starting medication and then he will be rechecked in 3 weeks. Our big boy is doing fine but he can use some purrs and prayers just as insurance.
Yo, Dadz, ya gonna usin dat Pill Magic so dey tastin good?
Sure thing Buddy Budd
Greats. Ah ready ta starts me treatz... ah means medicater furst ting inda mornin. Ah goin ta nappy now.

Timmy Tomcat
Miss Fitz
Buddy Budd
Dad Pete


  1. Oh Buddy weez so sorry yous been unner da wevver. Weez glad it's not anyfin' serious and weez sendin' lots of purrayers your way. Y'all stay warm and take care of each other.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi and mommy Audra

  2. I am praying for him. I have 3 boys on thyroid meds, I never realized how common this is until I ended up with 3 in a short time.

  3. I'm sending Buddy purrs! Binga is about the same age and has had a hard time keeping weight on. Giving her extra food has helped, but my human is going to have her checked out thoroughly next vet visit.

  4. We are a purring fur ya, Buddy!

    Hope the medicine helps you maintain your 'form'!

  5. Hi, Buddy, We hope you feel better very soon. Purrs and rubs from our house to yours!

  6. Hope you feel better soon Buddy,xx Speedy

  7. I am purring for those pills to get your T4 back where it should be. I get treats after my pills so I don't mind taking them as much.

  8. Hey Buddy! Welcome to the "Thyroid Club" ! I'm good about taking mine too - recently had to UP my dose though to one in AM and a half at nite. Hope you're feeling good my friend!

    Hugs, Sammy

  9. Hope your medication helps and you gain back some weight.

  10. Buddy I'm sending my bestest purrs for you!!


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