Monday, July 7, 2014

But wait! There's more! Part I

Buddy: Let me tell ya bout...
Fitz: Hold on there big fellow! I have some fun news.
Buddy: But... grumble mumble grumble
Fitz: Timmy asked me to present our new Catwalk. 

Ready, here we go. I own the cat tree so I just
hop onto the walk. We bent the brackets down below
from jumping. Something to think about if your pawrents
are going to build one fur you. 

Get your walking paws on

Come on, are you afraid of heights? Are
you a cat or a dog?


Here is the end, but, wait, there's more






This is the end, for now. Dad says he is going all around
the living room and has some fun ideas besides
small shelves for us to get up here.

*Rub - Rub - Rub - Rub - Rub - Rub*
Remember to own your Catwalk by marking it
with YOUR scent

Rumpy: I think you should go up there and put
YOUR scent over hers.

Buttons: Um, well, er, hm...
Rumpy: Are you a Mouse?


Soon I shall engineer the loss of your precious Catwalk Fitz. Mwahahaha

I think NOT, remember, there's more!
Miss Fitz

(Friends, will Miss Fitz keep control of the Cat Superhighway?) 


  1. Oh, my money's on Miss Fitz! Paws up on the catwalk!

  2. Paws up for your amazing dad ! Your catwalk is soooo cool ! We're going to show it to our dad, who is reluctant to build one (Mum already asked for it, but he said that there is enough cat stuff in the house). Let's try again ! Purrs

  3. Wow, paws up for the catwalk! You are lucky kitties to have such catification in your house.

  4. Pawsome guys!!! your dad is furry well trained MOL MOL ...paw pats Dinnermintz and gang xx

  5. WoW! You have the bestest cat room ever!

  6. That is super amazing and y'all are so lucky!

  7. doodz & fitz.....way awesum rockin oh pops ta due this for ewe !!! we bee gel uz...yur cat walk N shelves iz mega kewl !! cheap azz walls we haz, bout de furst time tuna jumped ona shelf, de hole houz wood cave in !!!! ☺☺☺☺☺

  8. Your dad has built you a great catwalk. I don't blame you Rumpy for not wanting to put your scent over Miss Fitz scent.That is some glare like she is giving you.

  9. Oh MY! I am so jealous!!! That is a great catwalk! Your dad is pawsome!!

  10. Oh wow Miss Fitz a super highway to the sky! We are astonished! That is fantastic!

  11. Wow Miss Fitz!! What a great walk you took us on. I would be scared to be so high but now The Kid Sage...she would be right there with you

  12. OMC Dat be so pawsum. Yous daddy is da bomb!!! Hope yous all hav fun.....eventually. MOL

    By da way wees got yous email, but mommy had tu hav hers eye lasered tuday and wus stinkin' tiwed yesfuwday so wees didn't send yous a wply. But wees luv what yous did. It is so pawsum and ifin meez dus say so meselff, Meez looks gweat. FANK YOUS so much!!!!

    Luv ya'


  13. We don't think any of us would want to challenge her. That is absolutely the greatest thing your dad built for you. We can't believe there's going to be more. Can't wait to see it and if anyone does challenge the bossy Miss Fitz. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  14. OMC! That catwalk is pawsome! You guys are gonna have so much fun on it. Well, Miss Fitz will, at least. ;)

  15. Miss Fitz ya iz pawsum on da catwalk!!!!!
    Here'z sum musick to 'strut yer stuff' to......
    Lub Nylablue <3

  16. What a great set-up. It gives you twice the room and thrice the height. Excellent!

  17. Holey-moley Glad my cats aren't into jumping and going high...They'd probably want something like that -and it just wouldn't happen here.

  18. OMC!!! That is so awesome! Your dad Is so cool. How lucky are you guys! I am so jealous. Wish Mom would make me one. Have fun with that you guys!

  19. OMC! That's like the Lounge's catio but inside where it's nice and cool! That is absolutely pawesome!

  20. Whoa, that's the coolest thing we've ever seen!!! You cats are so lucky! Now we are going to have to convince Mom and Dad to build this for us!

  21. Your Catwalk is soooo cool !
    Your dad is da best !!

  22. Your Dad is Da Bomb! That is the coolest catwalk ever! I bet Rumpy takes that catwalk over though. Look out Miss Fitz!


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