Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Goings on with Miss Fitz

Hi Lady-Cats. What a day we had. Of course there were males at the bottom of evfurry thing. When the going got tough those Men got going alright!

Going at the wrong time!
Going in the wrong direction!
Going to the wrong place
Going for a nap!
Going with the wrong idea!

Silly Man-Dad has been talking about doing the Iris thing since, oh, last December. Here it is April! Dad got the Wrong Time no matter how you look at it. Then Toby yells: "TIMMY!"
What Toby

The little thing from the flashy box is missing

It was right here

Now it is gone. I looked on the floor.
Wrong Direction goes to Toby

Aha! A not very mysterious missing mission!
Ask the kid

Um, er, sorry Toby. I though it was a cat toy
Its on the stairs
Einstein has the Wrong Place Award! Of course slacker Toby keeps things rolling along

Rumpy, can you go to the stairs and grab the little thing
from the flashy box please.

Sure... Right after these Zzzzzzz's
Rumpy, Rumpy Rumpy. Who else would be Going for a Nap right in the middle of anything. Ladies, these boys wind me up tight. Sometimes I really...
Oh My !

Going with the wrong idea there Miss Fitz
Timmy, I, you, we... You got me! MOL!

What does your family have going on this Friday?

Purrs from the genteel lady
Miss Fitz


  1. I's planning on lotsa tunnel time!

  2. Wow, it looks like there was some fun going on at your place!

  3. Talk about a house trashing party. Paws up!

  4. doodz N fitz....while de food serviss purrsonz a catz will play...we gotta few mor miss cheef makins ta get in two for her comes home frum werk....N de nice thing iz...we blame it on de dawg we due knot even have !!! heerz hopin everee one haza cod shrimp & sole kinda week oh end ♥

  5. Wow, looks like you all know how to have a good time! MOL! We are just going to be relaxing this weekend. Watch some kitty TV.

  6. That's quite a mess there, Miss Fitz. Good job!

  7. Wow Miss Fitz! It looks like you had the biggest goings on there.

  8. OMC Miss Fitz you's sure gotta mess der. And meez sure da tommyboys are no help at all. MOL Hav a Pawsum Furiday!!!

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses :)


  9. Looks like you're busy! My family is relaxing. Mom and Dad have the day off this Friday and Saturday. :)


    Tigger Angel

  10. We enjoyed SUNSHINE today and WARM TEMPS!

  11. Let the good times roll, Miss Fitz!

  12. lots of gardening this week end Timmy,it sure gets busy in your house,xx Speedy

  13. Gosh Miss Fitz, it's really wacky at your house! If you need some peace and quiet, you can visit me in your tunnel - it's nice and quiet here in the Virginia countryside!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  14. Guud Greef Mizz Fitz how do ya manage to gett any rest n quiette dere wif dem silly mankatz goon berserkerz???
    me Furiday waz tranquill n serene as me went out in Condo on patio n sunned meself fer a few hourz....
    Guud tuna-tuna n Mum n me meowin....
    Wanna come over n bizit???
    Lub Nylablue =^,,^=

  15. Mowzers, Miss Fitz. Sounds like Einstein mighta been talking with Faraday - MOL!

  16. Miss Fitz your family had it all sorts of somethin' else on Friday! Thank goodness that's over! :)


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