Monday, December 23, 2013

Who Dat and Additions!

Hi Furends

Just the other day Buttons and I were talking about that cat.

Buttons: I think he's a bit too aggressive.
Toby: Yes but he means well.

Buttons: He runs up out of nowhere!
Toby: Gotta admit he's fun.

Toby: But sometimes he can be a bit much.

Buttons: True, a bit much at times.

Toby: We all have our purrsonalities.

Einstein: I will try and be a bit less rambunctious.
Toby: Silly kitty, we are talking about Rumpy

Only 3 more days till Christmouse! Hope Santa 
Claws brings a lot to your House! Oh Meow, the additions.
We have new cards on the bottom row.

New cards are on the Right
Toby and Family 


  1. I knew you could not have been talking about Einstein! ;-)

  2. ha ha ha!!! We knew you two couldn't have been talking smack about Lil' E!

  3. What cute pics of the three of you! Love all your cards, how cool! (We posted about the award you gave us...thanks again!)

  4. What adorable photos. Do you gossip about each other often?

  5. No, it couldn't have been Einstein. Besides, you both would have been much like Einstein in your own turn, when younger. :-)

    We'll wish you all a very Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday now, in case we do lose power later, what with our ice storm.

    Purrs and peace,
    Nicki and Derry

  6. MOL! I knew you couldn't mean Einstein. He is such a little cutie.

  7. doodz N fitz. thanx two de pos dee vize we bee on two day N de lightin speed oh blogger, we wanna say merry christmas bee for easter getz heer!!!!

  8. Yep we all have purrsonalities and each one we appreciate!
    That's a lot of cards!!

    We wish you a fun and happy Christmas!!

  9. Awww those pictures are so cute - three of you snuggled together. All is peaceful at your house.

  10. Oh Einstein you always give us such joy! Wow those are some fabulous cards!


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