Thursday, August 15, 2013

Our New Cat-Lounger

Hi Furends:

Our pals all know that Dad fixed up the Tomcat Home with new carpet and paint. Then last week the new cat-lounger came. We were kind of worried as the old one was very broken in and comfortable while the new one smells very different. 

The big thing is there are no places that have any cat paw scent. This was a concern but actually it helps us listen to the new rule of no sharpening on the cat-lounger. Dad has plenty of new scritch places so no biggie.
The new Cat-Lounger has room
for 3 of us. Oh yeah, Dad too.

Sorry Toby. Maybe later we will
switch so you can lay here.

Sure thing Timmy. Sure thing.

Razum frazzum mumble grumble.

No fussin frum Buddy Budd.
Ah liker the high grounder.

Dad got the right Lounger fur-sure!

Have a nappy kind of day!
Timmy Tomcat


  1. Oh what fun, you get a whole new thing to put your scent on!

  2. That looks like the purrfect cat-lounger!

  3. Very nice - bet you guys can't wait to break it in!!!

    cats of wildcat woods

  4. It looks very cool! Although I do think it could be a HAIR bigger to fit every last kitty, including Toby!

  5. doods & fitz....

    LEATHER !!!!!

    de ul tim it scratchin ma teer ee ulz made ever in de histree oh cloth !!! ???

    we iz on R way :)

  6. That's one great lounger. Hope you can keep your claws out of it! We pretty much destroyed the side of Mom's leather chair. We're not allowed in that room anymore. Thank you Lizbeth McGow at Just Dip it in Chocolate

  7. What a great lounger! Now you can get your smells all over it!

  8. that picture of all of you on the lounger is just too cute!! Enjoy! You all look so comfy!

  9. That looks like a pretty big lounger. You sure you can't fit more than three kitties on it at once?


  10. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand! You can scratch when daddy's away! that's what we do :-)

  11. MOL at Katz Tales... Bet you leave your trade marks on that lovely longer..MOL you do all look super comfy xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  12. You all are just cuddly bugs. Popz must be happy.

  13. Well, it looks like you are ready for a grand weekend!

    Thanks for the kind words and well wishes for our Dad, he is already doing so much better!

  14. Your Dad is ACE!!! That's a super-sized lounger for sure!

  15. Are you sure you can't squeeze one more in there? Looks like a great big comfortable lounger there....Purrs....

  16. That is a very nice new cat lounger, and you even let your dad sit on it.

  17. It´s really nice of you to let your dad sit in your new cat lounge :)

  18. You are great felines for sharing with the dad!


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