Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tomcat Tuesday with the Boyz

First we have an announcement.

Monday was our Angel Amber's Rainbow Bridge Anniversary. She had a big smile everyday and it was always Sunny when Amber was around. Till we meet again Sweet Girl.

I love to smile, purr, and get a bit of fur on you, just a little.

So Toby and I have a grand plan to develop dramatic presentations for cats. This, our first, is that there is a treat payment due an honest cat and when he comes to collect from Ponzi Kitty the fur flies. Great idea isn't it. Oh yes, one more thing, as we cats have short attention spans, here is the first Diminutive Drama of less than ten seconds. No more waiting hours for the ending and falling asleep so you miss it anyhow. On with the show!

We think this could catch on!

Now lets give the floor to Buttons. Take it away Dood.

Hi cats, let me tell you something, I love boxes. I love bags even more. But there is one thing that well...

Have you ever jumped in a bag and then had a funny feeling. Like maybe there
was someone watching? I shrug it off but the feeling is still there.

Yeah, some days you can really play mind games on yourself. 
I guess that is one of those odd things about life. Well while you chew on that little tidbit I need to announce that I will now be the account executive for Diminutive Drama Productions.

Come into my office and lets go over our next presentation.
Pay no mind to that fine print. 

Hold on, what's that? Who's lawyer is saying they are going to sue?
Send in our "Expediter"

Mr Buttons:*whisper whisper pssst whisper pssst*

Rumpus "The Breaker" Bumpus: "Ya, I got it, dey gonna be sorry
 dey ever messed wit da Tomcat Organization!

Some cat will be very secure the next time they decide
to fit into a handy box or nice bag. 

As we close we hear Mr B saying some final words: Wait till you are home safe in your bag! MwaHaHaHa!

A Tomcat Family Production
of a Diminutive Drama
Mr Buttons as Mr B
Rumpy Bump Stumpnots as Rumpus"The Breaker" Bumpus
Buddy Budd as The Mysterious Cat in the Background
Timmy Tomcat playing The Cat Behind the Great Treat Ponzi Scheme 
Toby Tomcat playing Honest Cat
Ms Fitz Costumes and Set Design

Refreshments by Treat Meister
Distributed by Good Kitty Adoptions 


Buddy Budd: Da movies inna movies mah idee. 


  1. Sending (((hugs)))) for Angel Amber, what a gorgeous kitty she was!

  2. Amber was a beautiful kitty.
    I have posted my Klingon award at last.

  3. Amber was really stunning. Purrsssss....

  4. Wow, Amber was a stunning Lady-Cat. We know you must miss you her very much. Diminutive Draa Productions sounds like quite a huge undertaking. We will look forward to seeing how this all turns out in the future. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  5. Hey, Buttons! You look very cool in that tie!

  6. Purrs to you all in memory of Angel Amber, what a beauty she was indeed. Psst...is that gray guy giving you some troubles? You could probably give him the what-for Mr. B! We love your Executive look and your new Production, oh theese will be good!

  7. Purrs of comfort for Amber's Bridge Anniversary. I think that Diminutive Dramas are going to be great.


  8. Purrrrrrrrrrrs of comfort on Amber's Bridge Anniversary. She looked very happy.

  9. Oh Angel Amber was such a lovely girl. I love her warm smile.
    Mr. Buttons, I love your tie :-)

  10. doods N fitz...pleez noe amber iz livin large N in charge heer at RB and her haz opened up her own photographee store N her iz doin a grate biznezz... XOXOXO dude K and sauce

    dood budd...ewe iz rockin that tie ....N rumpy ewe gonna bee de next terminaturr ~~ ??!!

    we loves de mewvie...we gives it 25 paws up...thoze cubes iz rockin !!!

  11. Why Amber could have been related to my foster brofur Leo!! Orinch kittehs are so purrty! And Diminutive Productions totally ROCKS! And next time I will bring my own kibble in a bowl cuz I didn't like the kind they served me when I took my seat for the the movie...just sayin'...paw pats Savannah

  12. HA! Mr. Buttons, you crack us up! Love the tie! Can't wait to see more of DDP! Wow, Amber was beautiful! Sending gentle purrs on the anniversary of her flight to the Bridge.

  13. Angel Amber you certainly a Beautiful angel , we jus luvz your smile! maybe you've seen owr Penelope.we hear frum da Tabbies o trout towne dat Amber haz her own photog store....., Penelope waz a furry good model, maybe she stopped in..... ^..^

    anywho.... Diminutive Drama Producshunz Rock ! ^.,^ Kool tie dude!


  14. I love bags too! We don't get a lot of 'em but when we do... FUN TIMES! purrs

  15. Lucy is in love with bags too...

  16. Hey Timmy, da mom wantz to tell your dad fankz fur stopping by her garden ("hey mom, dun't you mean OWR GARDEN!" ^..^) and dat you All are most Welcome anytime, and she feelz bad dat your dad iz not able to do sumthin dat bringz him such pleasure :(

    what about container garden ? ......

    Hugz & Kissez to you All ~ ♥♥xoxo♥♥

  17. Angel Amber looks like she was a darling. BTW, featuring you on https://www.facebook.com/KatzTales in a few hours.


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