Monday, June 24, 2013

Homeless Man-Cat Monday!

Sorry fur being away for so long but, Hoo-Cat, what a week it has been. Then it got worse!

Our food in not on our tray!
Our beds are in disarray! 
Our favorite toys are put away!
My Oh My What a Day!

Dad told us he was putting a bit of polish on the place but who knew that it would be so, so... MEOW!

Dad has been bagging and boxing and moving and making all too much ruckus.  A week it has been going on. Then today it was over. Or we thought it was. Whew, finally a rest. We line up for our evening treats and ZIP,we were all put in those strange cat boxes with lids and carted off. You can bet your tails we were singing the Cat-Blues


We all thought for sure we were going to get the needle and stuff. Imagine our surprise when we were let out and it was not the V-E-T place. We were all on a call to Ceiling Cat as it was very strange. Then we noticed that at least it smelled a bit like Dad. Fitz and Buttens meowed that they had been here before. They said it was a "Foster Room" that Dad is now using as an office. Well Whoopee! It is not home! We are trying to put a good paw forward and chill. Purr for us!

Of course Rumpy is already making like he is boss. 

He Dad, is this your chair! No more!

At least we have Bird-TV.

It seemed a bit small at first but then we all found the cat-chute into another room. That seems like a quiet place all full of Dad stuff with lots and lots of hiding spots.

Well thats the story. Will try and keep you infurmed about whats up with all this crazyness. At least Dad is sleeping with us on the chair. He tries to be good to us, I guess.

Homeless Timmy and Family.


  1. What a scary week. It sounds like you will have lots of new adventures to share with us soon!

  2. wow - what a week, what a week. At least you have your dad to put you at ease...

  3. That is crazy! What is your human up to?


    burd tee vee? deer cod whatz popz up two, iz him TRYIN ta make ya all crazed....

    sew de foster room huh....hhhhmmmm.....iz we smellin sum thin fishee thatz knot reely lunch, dinner ore a snak ???!!!

  5. Whew at least it was not evil vet! But I wonder what is going on! Please keep us posted!

  6. you poor babies but thank goodness it was not the vet!

  7. We can't wait to find out what's going on!

  8. Timmy, I'm wondering what's going on at your place. Singing the cat-blues and Bird tele... that all sounds very exciting, but I'll wait patiently :)

  9. How upsetting this must be!
    Just relax and enjoy that bird tv. I bet there
    is a lot of excitement coming your way!

    We gladz it not da V E T, but.....?

    We sending loud Purrz your way fur you All to be Safe~

    at da furry lease you haz "bird" tv ^..^

    Headbuttz ^..^ x3

    & Kissiez frum da girlz ♥♥♥

  11. Please let us know what is happening to you. We also want to thank you for Angel Chica's birthday wishes.

    cats of wildcat woods

  12. Oh I don't like things like this happening. Don't like changes at all. If it gets to you teleport on over and hang out here.

  13. We're confused as to what is happening or what this cat chute is all about. But then we're often confused. just glad you were abandoned in that room and your dad is sleeping with you. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette


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