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Furend Foundation Post from 05/22/2015

Kitty Cottage is a really wonderful no cage cat rescue in East Norriton, PA. They help lots of cats find homes and provide a very relaxed atmosphere where people can sit and interact with the residents to find the right kitty for them. I picked Dad by climbing up the cat tree both times he visited and reaching out to tap him. He took me home as a pal for Timmy and the rest is history.
You can visit Kitty Cottage to look at all the great cats that have gotten homes and those who are still waiting for that right someone. Maybe you will make a donation as even one green paper will help.

They have an on-line auction going right now till June 7th at Bidding for Good. Some things can be shipped while others cannot but we hope you take a look!

Thanks Toby that was well done. Now we want to revisit our furend you met on Caturday, Miracle! We thank our friends who have helped from the bottom of our hearts!

She has had major surgery and still needs our help. She was saved from a kill shelter and after she became one with her new family several mammary lumps were found. When the vet went in to get a biopsy he found more so a radical mastectomy was done. Purrs, prayers and even one green paper would be so appreciated. 

Our friends from Catster dear Angels Orange Ruffy and Natalie the Nat Cat are looking over this new kitty who has joined the family. Can you please join in! 

Thanks for joining in for our furst Furend Foundation Post!

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