Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Black Cat Appreciation Day with Toby

Hi friends Toby here to let you know about a very 
impawtent day. Black Cat Appreciation day is... 
Hold on there Toby. I am a Black Cat and will co-host.
Technically you are a bi-color with that Super-Cat
Emblem on your chest

You gave me a Raspberry!
You deserve it. Cast the furst stone Toby.
You have that V on your belly


*Toby looks cornered*
I don't want to get you upset. Let's share the post
Done! You go furst

When I was in the shelter I did not get chosen. I had to choose. Dad came in with his friend and his aura was so nice I ran up the cat tree and poked him on the shoulder. He gave me a nice head rub and his smile was so warm I knew he was the one. I was broken hearted when he left and I did not go with him. Imagine my surprise when a couple weeks later there he was again. Luckily I was in position on the cat tree and he noticed right away when I started waving at him. He came closer and I poked his arm and gave him a good Man-Cat head bump. He passed muster with the rescue and the rest is history. By the way. I still wave and poke Dad when I want attention. 
I  was lucky that a good person came by and I was able to be noticed. There were several other House Panfurs at the rescue who were there longer than I was. We would meow in the night about how some humans would actually shy away from us. I hope they found homes but... It is harder fur we good looking Black Cats.
Take it away Mr Buttons

That is a great story Toby. Mine is a bit diffurent but I saw some of the same human behavior. I actually was a foster that Dad was taking care of for a very nice rescue. I am naturally gregarious and friendly to all. I would purr and rub up against the bars whenever a prospective person came by. Most would glance at me and then go over to a tabby or calico or any kitty but a black one. 
When I was actually adopted Dad was elated. It took maybe 4 months but I had a home. He was so sad when the family called the next week and said I needed to go back. I had FIV. I was so scared that I was going to die in the next few weeks! On the ride home he explained about FIV and that I would be alright. Whew. Then came another 2 months of Adoption Events. You can imagine. Humans hardly noticed me before now when Dad had to say I had FIV they would shake their heads and move on. Dad knew it was a lost cause and adopted me at the end of my 6th month of being fostered.
Pleas tell everyone that Black Cats are Great Kitties, and, tell them about FIV and how we can live long healthy lives. 

Please please please tell your friends and family that Black Cats make wonderful, loving pets and deserve forever homes!

So true Toby. Friends, let everyone you know hear the message. Meow and Shout it to the Rooftops that we are loving kitties who just need a chance to show you.

Thanks so much friends!
Be a part of the Solution!
Educate about the problem!
Love a House Panfur!

Toby Tomcat
Mr Buttons


  1. I think you guys are BOTH awesome ambassadors for black cats! I loved hearing your stories.

  2. It's always fascinating to hear the backstory. And y'all are for sure very handsome.

  3. You are a couple of lucky cats, guys, especially you, Mr Buttons. People don't understand about FIV. But it's their reluctance to adopt black cats that is the real ignorance. Preferences for other colours is all right, but to dislike black cats because they are black shows that people don't know what they are missing.

  4. Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day! Black cats are beautiful and I hope to be able to have one in our household one day.

  5. doodz....houz pantherz rock, they all wayz haz N they all wayz will, N we iz buzzed happee pops said.....come on guys...letz make thiz oh fish ul.......welcome home ♥♥♥

  6. You are both gorgeous! I'm glad your Dad saw your hearts first and then fell in love with your beautiful, rich black fur :)

  7. You guys are the best! Two handsome black cat studs for sure! Thanks for spreading awareness for black kitties. There are 2 in our home as well, and also an FIV kitty. We know how awesome they all are!!! Love you guys <3

  8. Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day! You are both cuties, I love that raspberry :) I am glad your Dad rescued you both.

  9. Black cats rock and rule! Toby and Mr. B., we really enjoyed hearing your stories. We love panfurs. The only reason we don't live with one now is that there is no room at the inn. Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  10. Black cats definitely rock. We loved learning more about you, Toby and Mr. B!

  11. Black is beautiful! I have a black sibling sister living with my mom and they both rock. When Granny visits her, she always comes to lay on her lab or next to her, so that Granny can pet her. She only does that when Granny is around :) My mom adopted also another black kitty that people brought back to the shelter a few times, because of reasons that weren't true. She is such a lovely cat with her own purrsonality. Pawkisses for a Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day :) <3

  12. Oh boys, we luv you both very much. "Course you know we luv all of you. We just don't unnerstand why peeps have to be so ignorant. Little panfurs are da bestest. Mommy and me even tried to adopt a little panfur befur Raena came to live with us. Alas....Raena was meant to be me's sisfur. Just as ya'll were meant to be with uncle Pete. And we's so glad ya'll found such a pawsum home.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  13. We love you two panfurs! Sorry we missed your special day but we think you are special every day :)

  14. We love black kitties, even though we are not...the petcretary has always enjoyed the panther look...alas mostly she is allergic to all but oriental kitties. Go figure.

    You two are furry handsome and sweet.


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