Friday, July 22, 2016

Caught in the Act

Hoo-Cat whut dis? Mousie yoo goin in Buddy Budd's noms!
But Buddy I...

No butz bout-itz. Ah catchin yer gray paw an all
Let me ex... Urk

Buddy that's a long fall!
Maybee. Yoo shudda thunk diffurent Mousie

Alrightee ah fling ya insteadz
Whoa... Whoa... Whoa... 
Getting dizzyfied

Whew, let me explain Buddy
Whut splainin? Yoo in mah nommies Mousie

Psst, psst
No, ya doan't meanin he...

whisper, whisper

Ah shudda knowed
Are we good Buddy
Yeppers Mousie

Here comin da Master-of-da-mind nowz
Ah knowin it all Einsteiner... sendin a Mousie to
do a Cats nom 
stealin. Shameful on ya.
I was feeling a bit peckish

Buddy Budd


  1. Who was caught in the act wasn't who we thought was caught in the act. Nice try, Einstein!

  2. MOL Oh boys ya'll are just too funny. 'Course we don't think we'd be trustin' any mousy with our noms. MOL

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  3. Poor mousie getting blamed for Einstein's sneakiness!

  4. MOL! Einstein, you thought you could sneak that one by Buddy.

  5. We all know where Mousie's allegiances lie :)

  6. Poor Mousie, but he should have known better.

  7. Buddy, your face tells the story so well!!!! That mousie sent to spy and steal certainly learned the hard way not to mess with you!!!!

    Love, Sammy

  8. Buddy!! I'm here for a visit with my favourite mancat. You are such a beautiful colour and you're such a he-man. I just adore the ground you walk on. You showed that mousie who was boss.

    Kitty Kisses,


  9. Einstein, who would ever think you'd be a BAD KITTY? Very bad, fellow, making poor Mousie suffer Buddy's scorn. What, pray tell, will you do to make it up to dear Mr. Mousie?

  10. Busted we think...MOL! What a stick eye!


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