Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Toby's Troubles

I hear you have been meowing about me Toby!

So what if I have?
Tell him Toby!

I'm going to teach you what fur!

Come here you, you, CAT you!

Here I come Buttons, ready or not!

Tell him off Toby
Yeah, tell me off Toby...
Um, er, well...

Maybe later...
WHAT! Come back here!

Cluck, cluck, chicky, chick, chick

Don't you dare come by me Toby Tomcat!
But honey, sweetie, snookums...

Hmmm, I know...
Toby! Dad does NOT want us jumping on there!

Oops, almost knocked that down.
Dad: Toby what are you doing?

Just trying to be close to you Dad
I think that is only a tiny part of this story Toby

Cluck, cluck, chicky...
Shush Buttons
Alright Miss Fitz, but tell that Toby

Toby Tomcat
Mr Buttons
Miss Fitz


  1. Oh, Toby, surely your Dad can't get mad for that ;-) Hey we saw a lot of laser eyes come on line in that story. We want you to know...we are impressed.

  2. But knockin stuff down are so much fun.

  3. If you knock something down trying to be close to him, he can't get too annoyed... can he?

  4. doodz & fitz....toby....noe matter what...never ever ina millionz trazillion yeerz...ever tell yur dad do...hole storee....knot even if it doez involve buttonz..... ☺☺☺


  5. Aaaaaaaaw Almost dusn't count. MOL Have a gweat day y'all. Yous all lookin' gweat.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  6. Whew, that was close -- in more ways than one -- Toby!

  7. Almost got into a lot of oopsies there, Toby...along with an unhappy Dad, that would just add to your woes...what kind of kitty battles are happening there...a rivalry of sorts? MOL!

  8. He never ever noticed, right, Toby...MOL :D Pawkisses :) <3

  9. That was close, but your Dad didn't notice ! Purrs

  10. Mew mew mew Toby you an mee iss a lot alike!! Mee keeps jumpin on thee TeeVEe an mee not supposed to ;)
    Sumtimess wee katss just have to bee katss, rite???
    Miss Fitz mee iss sorry Toby bothered you..
    Siddhartha Henry ¯\_(◉‿◉)_/¯


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