Monday, November 3, 2014

Toby is Looking fur?

Singing on the Cat Walk
I'm just singing on the Cat Walk
I'm just...

Hey Toby! Fitz wants you.
By the window

Coming dearest!

Here I am honey!

Here I am sweetness!

Where are you snookums?

That Man-Cat has to learn I don't have all day to dawdle.
Well I do, but... MOL

*PS Dad has an update on his page*

Toby looking fur love in all the wrong places Tomcat


  1. ha! Mommy says "way to keep him on his toes!"

  2. Fitz, you really run Toby ragged! Maybe I should be taking some lessons from you!

  3. Well, it's great exercise at any rate! :-)

  4. Fitz, way to keep Toby in great shape running sprints!

  5. Toby, you may as well be a dog the way someone has a leash on you!

  6. I don't like to tell you Toby, but I think Fitz is giving you the runaround.

  7. fishes ta popz.....we understand if he kneads ta takes sum times off...hope hiz shulder getz ta heelin & feelin better reely soon......spesh a lee coz he haz ta feed everee one !!! ♥♥

    seer ee iz...all de best two him ~~~

  8. This was so cute and amusing. Gave us a good chuckle. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  9. MOL Toby yer Miss fitz shure keepz ya on da run! We kittehgurlz are like diz alot....
    Maybee ya shuud go snuggle wif her ;)
    Lub Nylablue n Mum x0x0x0

  10. You kitties are too funny. Please visit us for a giveaway of catnip turkey legs.

  11. Oh Toby, you gotta move faster next time!

  12. Aaaaaw How sweet.Weez'll be purrayin'. Now weez gunna run see what yous daddy has to say.

    Luv ya'


  13. You are such a sweetie, Toby. Always doting on the Fitz. Keep it up, buddy - perhaps one day she will return the feeling!

  14. Just read your dad's update - we will be sending purrs and prayers for him and his shoulder. Hope he gets to feeling better soon. Tell him not to worry about the visiting and commenting - we all understand!

  15. We were surfing around visiting some of our other cat buddies in the blog world and we ran across your blog. We found it really interesting so we told Mom about it. She started reading about your shoulder problems and told us she found a kindred spirit concerning shoulder pain. She was in a car accident a year ago and has been having lots of shoulder pain. She no longer has a rotator cuff on her right shoulder so she has to get shots. They do help, but not completely. She said she feels for you and sends her prayers.

  16. Those are some great zoomies! Miss Fitz you be nice to that sweet mancat!

    1. Tell your Daddy we luv you all and are just glad he has the energy to take care of all of you! Purrs, prayers and positive healing karma coming your way Cat Dad :)

  17. Time waits for no Toby, apparently! :)

  18. You do zoom furry fast , Toby !
    Hope your dad´s sholder gets better soon !


  19. MOL :D Pawkisses :)


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