Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Fickle Feline!

You look like you are getting tired Fitz
I am Toby. Time to pass on the play
Hey Timmy, take over for me will you

What's the matter?

Whew I was worried about you.
Me too. Get em Timmy

Come're you!
I know you are back there. I am gonna...
Kliban Kitty: Yes I am back here

Kliban Kitty: You really are fickle Timmy
Let me end this birdie *Bitey* there.
K Kitty the others put me up to it! Really!

Kliban Kitty: I know, I heard them egging you on.

I may be many things K Kitty. Fickle is not one.
Kliban Kitty: *Sigh* My Timmy...
My Kliban Kitty...

A news flash! I Won! I mean we won the Commentathon at The Cat on my Head Birthday Bash for Mauricio and Misty May. Our Rescue of Choice was Tabby's Place. Check out our win and the great donation here! Thanks so much!

Timmy Tomcat


  1. Oh Timmy, we think there is room in your heart for both Da Bird and Kliban Kitty! Congrats on winning the Commentathon at Kitties Blue and yay for your rescue Tabby's Place, that's great!

  2. I confess, I am rather fickle when it comes to toys too. BTW, concatulations for winning - and how cool that you chose Tabby's Place! As you know, we love them too.

  3. Great job giving those fevvers the bitey! But don't forget K kitty needs some luvs. Oh, and we saw that you won....congrats!! And then we went and looked at Tabby's Place and Mum and I are SO glad that you donated your win to them, it looks like a pawsome place!

  4. Don't be fickle Timmy, you don't want to upset Kliban Kitty again.
    Concats on winning the donation for Tabby's Place.

  5. That's the troubles with having so many good toys to play with.

  6. It's so hard to chose amongst so many great toys! Concats on the Win over at the Kitties Blue!

  7. doodz & fitz....conga ratz two ewe on yur win frum kitties blue; we noe tabby's place iz veree happee az well !!

    N if ya wanna talk pickles....ya've come ta de rite place....frank lee
    we like ta switch bee tween dill N sweet...nothin inconsistent bout that huh

  8. It's hard to ignore Da's such a tease. ;) Congrats on winning the commentathon...but the real winner is Tabby's Place!

  9. Da Burd would be a pawsome toy here, but we like to kick and hug toys like K Kitty, too! MOL!

    Congrats on your win...and we just know the Tabby's Place appawsiates it, too.

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  11. Well done with the final bitey, Timmy ! And concatulations for winning ! Purrs

  12. Way to go killing Da Bird Timmy! Concats on winning the Comment-a-thon! Tabby's Place is wonderful!

  13. Congratulations on wining! And Timmy you had that birdie really good!

  14. Timmy yer not a fickle kittehboy at all....yer pawsum n sweet n hansum!!
    Conkatulayshunz on winnind a Commint-a-thon too!
    Lub Nylablue n Mum too x0x0x0x0x0x0

  15. When it comes to toys, it's okay to be a little fickle as long as you return to your first love. Thanks for letting everyone know about winning the comment-a-thon and Tabby's place and linking back to us. Hope you have heard from them letting you know that a donation was made in Rumpy's honor. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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