Thursday, July 25, 2013

Friday is time to #GiveAHoot

Hi Furends:

We are so glad to be a part of the Anipal Network that joins together to help those in need. It seems that we really know how to pull together and that makes this kitty purr up a storm.

That said I want to tell you about Sass and Lou from @LiveLoveMeow. Sass is a very good person who does a lot to help cats and even has a company to promote healthy cat products. 

Well they have had a rough patch  and are currently homeless. Sass had been with a friend but it seems this friend was not and she came home to find her cat Lou quite upset. Hiss. 

Luckily he is fine but it was another cost to have a vet visit and they are now at a hotel.

Please note that ANY amount would be appreciated and would get a big purr from the Tomcat Home. We donated a bit of treat money and Dad kicked in a few coins. Can you help a bit? for Sass and Lou

#GiveAHoot Party Friday 07/26 7-10PM

Hope to see you there!
Timmy Tomcat



  1. We are going to try and be there if we can!

  2. I sure hope ther is a lot of HOOTING tomorrow!

  3. Do you know in what city and state Sass and Lou live? Just want to know so I or another friend or family member of mine could help directly. Thanks, Janet

  4. That sounds great we have never heard of give a hoot pawty before :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  5. HOOT HOOT!!!!

    Thanks for the invite :D I'll try to be there!!!

    I've blogged it, G+1, facebooked it and I'll tweet when I can remember the flipping log in password!

    Bestest purrs and happy hooting


  6. We will try and be there! We hope there is lots of hooting!

  7. We did and we hope it helps. We will certainly purray for Sass and Lou.

  8. Hello Kitties! Coming by way of our dear Molly the Wally who is always so kind to all creatures, and sure knows how to make me laugh every morning. Be well all! Anita

  9. We just saw you at Mollys :) xxx00xx

  10. I knew that Lou was stayin' at the vet hotel but didn't know why. Poor Lou. Poor Sass. I'm purrin' up a storm, hopin' and prayin' things improve for them, really soon.



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