Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Who is the Enemy?

My Pops wanted me to get on the Soapbox about an important topic: The wholesale misinformation about Feral Cats and how they Impact the Bird Populations!

Our area has had limited birds for over 30 years now. It IS NOT due to feral cats!

It is the wholesale destruction of habitats and the use of pesticides that has decimated the bird population NOT FERAL CATs!

Make your voice heard about this! I think and Pops does too that there are wrong headed birders out there who are putting this misinformation into the press.

Remember who won the last time we had a big effort to remove cats!


  1. This is very important information, Tomcat. I have posted a petition on facebook yesterday, because of the dying bees, I'll post yours too.

  2. dood....that N high rize buildins, air planez, windows, ther own dizeazez, larger predatorz de owl, N hawk...

    knot ta menshun a burd hasta haz sum seer ee iz wound or sickness ta be hangin round on de GROUND long enuff for a kitteh ta catch him, sinz last time we checked...we could KNOT fly....

    hay, everee one come on over ta trout towne for lunch two day...it bee wild white fish wednesday :)

    1. Hoo-Cat
      You trout towners really hit the burd on the feather! We cull the herd, er, flock, so all are healthier! We should get a Medal!

  3. THANK YOU for helping set everyone straight! Silly people....Purrs from your friends at Colehauscats.com

  4. Thanks for that! I am getting sick n' tired of humans who are idiots!


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