Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween from the Tomcat Home

Hello friends and welcome to the Tomcat Family Ghoulish Pawty.
We are all here FrankenBudd, Bat Cat Buttons, Dracenstein, Bloody Fitz, Headless Timmy, Super Bump, and Toby the Reaper.
Our guests are here too

MwaHaHaHa tis I FrankenBudd wit my handsome Bride Kali!
Our Parts are ready to Part-tay, Hee Hee Hee
Dat we iz mah dearezt. I just introdooced mah left and right hands
Oh Buddy you are such a Ham, Spiral-Cut,  Hee Hee Hee
Oh Kali mah  Cut-Up cutie!

Oh my dear Dracenstein don't those two piles of parts look cute
They sure do my Sharp Toothed Shoko. Lets fly off and top off with a couple of pints my sweet
Lets do it my handsome Fanged Fellow

Excuse my voice but I have a sore throat Mwa Ha Ha Ha
You are all invited to dig into our Halloween Goodies

Have a few... fingers...
What do you have Reaper Toby

Keep an eye out fur our pasta. What do you have Bloody Fitz

Reaper you are a funny life ender. I like finger food myself
Bat Cat how about you

Punkin barf is delicious. FrankenBudd how about you

Me an mah Bride Kali gotz some smashed taters wit bacon...
And lots of sour cream on top. Tasty fur sur
How about you my Bloody Sister Shoko and her Drackenstein
We brought the Mummies
They are all wrapped up so they can't escape
Super Bump bring us home buddy

I have some cookies that will keep an eye on your waistline
And of course

Smores! A Super Ending to a Halloween Feast!
Um, Bloody Fitz can you lend me a paw?
What gives Headless Timmy?
I was helping serve the Mummies and dropped my head
I think it bounced into a pile of Jack-O-Lanterns
Oh No!
Friends can you help Timmy find that pesky head MOL

Headless Timmy
Toby the Reaper
Kali Bride of FrankenBudd from Canadian Cats
Super Bump
Bloody Fitz
Bat Cat Buttons
Bloody Shoko from Canadian Cats

Monday, October 30, 2017

Almost the Big Day

It is almost Howloweenie so I was elected to let all our friends know we are getting ready to scare you out of your fur.
Stop by tomorrow at the same Bat Channel to check us out!

Bat Cat Buttons

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sunday Selfie: Buddy Budd

We are joining in with the furs from
The Cat on My HeadSunday Selfie Blog Hop

Mah goodnezz ah forget ta put on mah costume fur Howloweeie
How bout ah jus makin a skeery face!

Remember ta come by on Howloweenie ta see mine
and da fambly's costumerz.

Make sure ya celebrate one of mah favoritez: 
National Cat Day. Check it outz!

Buddy Budd

Friday, October 27, 2017

Friday with Fitz: Gettin Ready

Hey who is that tickling my feety feet
Har Har Har

Mr Fevver I should have known 


You don't seem into things today Miss Fitz
I'm not Fev... 

I need a pick me up
How about seeing your boy toy Toby
That will do it

I'm getting ready my sweet
Toby you are my halloween kitty fur sure

I need to get ready too
You are always ready. Show me The Fitz Look
You mean this one
That's my girl
Toby you meow the sweetest things

Toby Tomcat
Miss Fitz
Mr Fevver

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Buddy Gets It ,and, a Cool Card!

Look what we got Einstein!
Wow, an Original from Pipo, MJF, Dalton, Petcretary and Pawppy
We always look forward to our special cards. Thank Mew!

Heyz! Dis  be mine postin!
Sorry Buddy we got excited over our card. Take it away
Ready Dad?
Ready Buddy. You are really going to get it!

Ah hopin ah willz
Ahhh dat nicer!



Do da earz gud gud gud pleeez

Yessir, Yessirrrrrrr!
Thanky Thanks Dad!
Any time my big fella
I am ready fur a napz
 Me too Buddy

Timmy Tomcat
Buddy Budd
Dad Pete

Monday, October 23, 2017

A Late Tomcat Tocktober

Dad made a HUGE mistake and furgot to publish our Tocks!
We give him a little break as he is working so hard to finish our new place so we can move in. We have not been visiting like we should either. Maybe we need a new person? What do you think?
Here are our great Tocks in all their glory

Visit our founder at Just Ducky!

Hi friends. Time again to show our wondrous and sometimes ponderous Tocks. So Toby will...
Hold it Timmy. You Furst!
Oh... Alright

Here are some handsome Timmy Tocks!
Kind of a distant shot but acceptable. I will go next!

Here you go!
Toby Tomcat! You show those Tocks this instant!
Yes dearest Fitz

Yes my Man-Cat. I am proud of your Manly Tocks!
I like that
I have to work up to this
You can do it my sweet
Yes I can!

Very dainty Tocks my lovely
Why thank you my big Panfur Fellow

Your're up Einstein 

I have some fancy Tocks fur sure
Hey, whats this Einie?
Camouflage, Hee Hee 

Here are my floofy Tocks.
Well done Grasshopper

Are you ready Rumpy?
Here is a practice shot
The money shot! MOL
Take it away Buddy Budd
Dese are sum gud gud gud Tockz
Yoo bringin it home Mr Buttonz
Here is the Pot of Gold Ha Ha Ha
Shur iz may little pal B

Dad are you joining in?
Not this year Timmy
That wraps up the Tomcat Home. 
Thanks to Friends we are coming to see your wonderful Tocks!

Timmy Tomcat
Toby Tomcat
Buddy Budd
Rumpy Bump Stumpnots
Miss Fitz
Mr Buttons
Dad Pete

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sunday Selfie: Rumpy the Fidgit

Make sure you visit our friends at The Cat on My Head
to see all the great Sunday Selfies in the Hop

Einie I think I am ready! Please finish up Grasshopper
Will you hold still fidget kitty!
*Grumble, Mumble, Quibble*

Hurry, Dad has the camera ready!
One little spot to get all nice

You look great Rumpy Bump
Thanks Dad. You too Einie
Anytime my big buddy BumpNow lets go visit our friends to see their Selfies

Rumpy Bump Stumpnots
Dad Pete