Friday, May 31, 2013

Big Caturday with Important and Fun info!

Hey Furends!
Hope you are having a wonderfur Caturday full of Naps, Play and Treats.

First up we wanted everycat to know about a very brave Momcat. Her kitten was caught in a brush fire and she ran in after him. She was not hurt but little Bernie was burned. His photos are a bit sad but you can see that he is going to be alright with our help.

Brave Momcat and her kitten Bernie who needs help.

We would also love it if you would stop by and visit our new pal Ginger Jasper.
He could use some purrs to fell better.

Now on to some fun things:

Dad got us our very own puter. Hopefully now we will be able to keep up to paw on our Catster and Blog furends. It is really neat as there is no warm up. Bang it is on. Kind of like when you wake up to that squeek and you are ready to go as soon as your eyes open. Dad says the good deal is on Google Play.
Acer C7 Chromebook

Our Favorite Grumpy Cat has made the Wall Street Journal! Wow! He has an Agent! I wonder who's next? Will it be YOU!

Of course a lazy Caturday is made even better watching the antics of that kitty who keeps one paw ahead of his peep.

Simon's Cat in Screen Grab

And of course, The Harlem Shake Rambo the Cat Style

Have a Purrfect Day!
Your Pal
Timmy Tomcat

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Awards Celebration!

Hey Furends!
Here it is and lets get right to the Ceremony. Our Memorial Day Party had a contest to identify the 6th language that stated: "Enjoy your meal"!

Drum Roll Please!

It Was: Klingon!

Thanks to all who stopped by and played. The winners are:

Apaws! Apaws!
Special reconition of Flynn who had all the languages correct! 
French, Swedish, Czech, German, Hungarian and Klingon

Now the good part. They can choose one or both of our First Annual Memorial Day Klingon Kitty Awards.

Award One

Award Two

Whoa... They are a couple of tough looking cats. Just right to have on your side when the play gets exciting. We would appreciate you linking your award to our site!

Hope you all had a great time!
Timmy Tomcat and Family

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

Hello to all our furred friends and their families everywhere.
This is a very special day to honor those who have given their all to allow us our freedoms. Some are still with us but many are not. From days past, present, and to come they stand against those who would take our freedoms. 

Your Sacrifice is first in our hearts today and we thank you!
Timmy T and Family

Now if you would like to join us we have some nice Noms on the grill. We have everycats favorites so grab a plate, or, if you prefer, drag it to your spot on the lawn. 

Smaklig måltid!
Dobrou chuť!
Guten Appetit! Mahlzeit!
Jó étvágyat!
yISop! (sg) peSop! (pl)

Have fun! Eat Well! No treat stealing please! 

**We have a door prize for anyone who can tell us where the 6th salutation above is from. Comment moderation has been turned on for this post so guess away till Midnight Tuesday!

Purrs from the Tomcat Family

Monday, May 20, 2013

2nd Birthday Party - Mr Buttons and Ms Fitz

A Big Day here at the Tomcat Home!

Happy 2nd Birthday Ms Fitz

Happy 2nd Birthday Mr Buttons

We want all of our friends to have plenty to Eat and Drink!

Hoof and Fin or Surf and Turf. 

Tuna Steak. Nothing but the Best Noms here!

Have a Niptini! Or Three! 

Salmon Steaks any way you like them!

Buddy Brought Blue Martinis so drink up!

Fitz loves the Bubbly and has plenty for our Lady Cat Friends
Grab a Party Favor. Take one for your Peeps!

Buddy brought his pals The Blue Cat Group to provide the jams.
Whee we are kickin it!
We have plenty of room if you want to spend the night so drink and nip to your hearts content. If you need to get home for worried peeps we can always call a taxi. 

Have Fun One and All!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Feline Finezz or Eggslance of Purrfurmance

Well it up ta Buddy agin. Timmer's bein so busified wit da Rumperz.
But, anyhoo, we speakin bout dat nuther timer. 

So taday ah gonna been speaker bout sumptin nearest
 and closer to da heart uf all catz. 
Bein clenly.

Ah callit Finezz cuz it take Eggslance of Purrfurmance.
Yez... an den... ya... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

HUH? WHA? Whut whut?
Oh yez, den ya jumper too itz!

Chekin yer werk! Cuz iffn ya doan...
Sum-Buddy will! Member I watchin Ya!

Git da Facer. Git-it-gud!
It been yer furst notice!
Yup Yup!

Da arz been portant tooz. ? Git-em-gud.

Ya gotz couple so do bof.

Changer up ta finisher da toeziez!
Hey Timmerz!

Timmy: "Yes Buddy"

Now knowz why yoo sleepin lotz. Diz hard hard werkin doin bloggin. Diffcult ta keepin up dat Eggslance of Purrfurmance.

Timmy: You got that right. Have a great day friends!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mss Fitz Puts the Paw Down and Warns the Boyz

Miss Fitz had some things she wanted to get from under her fur. Go ahead Fitz.

Thanks Timmy. The day started out purrfectly. I was having a such a nice day. 

First Timmy and I stopped by the Tabby Cat Club for Raz's First Birthday. Of course we had to teleport to his home at Friends FurEver to continue the fun. With this B-Day he is now an official Man-Cat. No more kitten he.

Of course there was another Super Celebration of Yoko's Milestone 20th Birth and Gotcha day combined at Cats of Wildcat Woods

Zip on over if you haven't been to these great parties and have a blast.

So you can imagine a Lady-Cat like myself had oodles of fun. It seemed like every available Man-Cat was coming over with NipTini's and plates of nice treats all day. In fact I may have had maybe a bit more nip than I should have and I was a bit woozy when I got home. Yes I was all ready for a nice afternoon power nap. Getting ready I went to powder my nose before retiring to my spot and what I find is... 

Some Man-Cat left the facilities a MESS! 

Horrible! The Litter all piled up! Things Uncovered! UGH!

No Nap for Fitz! Oh-No. I have to clean up after the Cat-Children!

It is such a MESS! Wipe wipe wipe wipe wipe!

Wipe wipe wipe wipe... There. Now KEEP IT CLEAN!

Now Boyz! I am done cleaning up after you, you Kittens!
Don't make me have to Stamp The Paw!
Thanks Timmy. I needed to tell the brofurs off.

Remember that many of these fine and fair maidens are Mothers too! Give them some help not only on Mothers Day but all year long.

Happy Mothers Day to Mom's the World Over!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spring Fling with Toby the Handsome Man-Cat

Toby: Well Rumpy it is really a very nice Spring. The critters are jumping
and I think Mss Fitz has been warming up to me a bit.
Rumpy: Mmm Hmm.

Toby: Yes, I think it is a new day dawning. We will be snuggling soon.
I can feel it.
Rumpy: Mmm well...

Rumpy: Com'on Dood! She has eyes for Buddy. Har Har Har Har!

Rumpy: Laugh already! That is such a funny image. Old Buddy with Fitz and...


*Rumpy Shakes his Head*
Rumpy: Yes those critters are jumping.
Toby: Sure are. 
Enjoy Spring with those you Love.
Toby Tomcat (The Handsome One)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Man-Cat Monday Special Guest Buddy Budd

Before we turn the Blog over to Buddy Budd I would like to thank our pals over at the Tabby Cat Club for a super Cinco De Mayo Party! Tommie was a wonderfur host and our admins Raz and Gracie did a purrfect job of decorating. Thanks Cats!

So without fur-ther ado, Take it Away Buddy Budd!

Well hello dere all mah bloggy furends. Buddy Budd here wit sum gud infurmation dat been fur any youngin. Mah little Man-Cat Buttonz, well he aint so little no mo, but anyhoo, ah tell-ya da trainer methodz we worked wit. So sat backer, close da mout, open da ear, an enjoyz da trainer.

Hi Uncle Buddy. Can you show me the correct way to Train a Quarrelsome Box?

OK Doke. Furst ya gotta check da innerds. Check em gud now!

Go deep inta dat boxer. Yup Yup!

Cuz dere may be da prizer. Not dis case butt sum time.

Now Ya grab dat boxer and giv-em a Shaker. Shaker shake shake.

Now ya gotta bite! Bite so yer nose crinkler. Bite bite bite.

An ya use da paw to grab-em! Grab-em and Spin-em!

Now ya user dat wrestler mover. Ya Body Slammer. Yessir!

Da fazt Smakey Paw ta da body. Fazt now don't be a kitten.

Now ya put dat gud Stomp on dat box!

Da Cat Victorious! Yoo stand over dat box an relisher da winnin.

So cat yoo too can be da boss uf da Box in yer home.
Ya jus gotta lizten to da Buddy Budd. Yup Yup.

Now yoo youngin been listen gud to da Buddy Budd an take diz training to da heart. Ya gonna finder dat by bein top ’o’ box ya able ta take care biznit and keepin dem catz inna place dat need place keepin.

Your Buddy
Buddy Budd (Elder States Cat of the Tomcat Home)