Friday, August 29, 2014

Our Riverboat Adventure with the Tabby Cat Club

Well Miss Fitz we are back home again.
You bet Timmy. Lets tell our furends about this great trip.
You can visit our furends and see what they did too.
Just click on their names. 

You acted like we were going away for years!
Aww Fitz, I miss Dad and the brofurs.
I do too, but... you were a bit over the top

Our hosts, Sammy, Raz and Gracie had evfurrything ready
It really was well planned

The room was very nice.

The Riverboats dining room had excellent food

Gracie was our server with Sammy and Raz circulating
among the other Tabby Cat Club members.
She was so very gracious. There were complimentary

beetle bugs. Crunchy and a real treat.

We enjoyed walking the deck and there was a Spa

There was a Spa. Very relaxing

Soon we were at our destination and boarding the Swamp Runner to our lodgings

The scenery was amazing
Simply breathtaking

All too soon we arrived with Dezi, Lexi, and Moosey.
Ralphie and Marty were looking really sharp

The Tabby Cat Club filled every room at the Swamp Hotel

Furst we took a walk around the well marked trails

Then we went down to the water and got a canoe

Hope the fishing is good Miss Fitz
Gracie packed us a sack lunch. How nice

That Gator looks hungry. Hope doesn't take my fish.
He better not if he knows what's good fur him!

That Gator must not have understood cat as befur you know it he grabbed my fish. Miss Fitz was having none of that!

Who do you think you are scaly. Give that BACK!
*Whacky-Paw, Bitey, Whacky-Paw*

After the canoe conundrum we relaxed with a scary movie

Glad we did not see that thing in the swamp.
Bet he smells bad too!

Our room was very nice and I really needed a rest after our big day.

All too soon the our big adventure was done and it was time to go home.

Thanks Sammy, Gracie and Raz. Evfurrything was purrfect.
You bet Miss Fitz. See all at the Tabby Cat Club.

Please visit the Memorial for Sparkle the Designer Cat that is going on today. There is a comment-a-thon to benefit a great cat sanctuary, Tabby's Place

Timmy Tomcat
Miss Fitz

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tale of the Tail

There have been some strange happenings with Einsteins tail taking over.

A nice day fur sure and...
What's that?

WHAT... It's only his tail.
(Photo not edited except size)
Einstein where are you?

Here Timmy, what's up.
My head feels funny

(Photo not edited except size)

A strange tale of my tail fur sure.
Just imagine living with it.


Monday, August 25, 2014

Timmy and Einsteins big Cat Scout Adventure

Hi Furends
Me and my little pal Einstein went on a Cat Scouts Quest this weekend. What a grand time.
It sure was Timmy lets share a little.

Friday started with a Knowledge Bowl
challenge. Wally, Obi and Foxy won with
me and Timmy cheering them on.

Then we did picked out constellations towards
our Stargazing Badges. This is Einsteins sign. 

Saturday we met our Troop at the trailhead
and marched out to the camp. Check out my Bugle. Cool huh?

We did a challenge on the march and then I cooked
a fine lunch for our Troop, Wally's Warriors.

Our next challenge was to march with one
Scout blindfolded leading the other. We
had to rock climb and Timmy led
keeping me safe to the top. What a view!

After that great adventure it was back to the
camp to relax. I had to watch Einstein once
he broke the cards out and was playing for treats

Saturday night we swapped smores recipes around the campfire. My favorite was French Toast smores with Strawberries. Me and Einstein tried to stay up for some more star gazing but fell asleep.

Sunday morning I played Reveille on my trusty bugle. I love being Buglemaster

Cat Scouts love nature. We left nothing behind
but paw prints

Too soon we had to say goodbye to our friends
L-R: Obi, Spitty, Foxy, Dezi, Cat, Austin, Einstein,
Timmy and Wally.

Denmaster knew our paws were tired so got us
bus rides home. What a grand ending.
Timmy it was really fun with a great bunch of Cat Scouts.
You have that right Einstein. Hope our friends enjoyed seeing a bit of the fun we have on a Quest weekend.
Timmy Tomcat

Friday, August 22, 2014

Rest in Peace Sparkle

Sparkle you have left a great legacy for us all. Teaching cats and their parents how to better get along with wit, insight and great wisdom. You will live forever in our hearts and minds and will continue your great work through your book and blog. Thank You!

Photo from Sparkle the Designer Cat
Please visit and add your purrs!

We will support the newest to your family, Summer, as we have you. 
With love from all of us:
Timmy, Dad, Toby, Buddy, Rumpy, Buttons, Fitz and Einstein

Lonely at the Top II

We last saw Miss Fitz asking a tough question

Well Miss Fitz let me tell you.

The big reason I am Top Cat is

I have Dad's backing

and I... ahhhhh...


And I... Ooooooo...

Whoa Cat! Timmy is on Dad's lap!
A furst. I feel a shift the power dynamic!

This will not go unanswered.
mark my meows

You have to get up pretty early to get one over on me Miss Fitz

Our dear furend Sparkle the Designer Cat has been ill for some time. She may be leaving us after many years of giving great advice to all in need. Please visit and add your purrs of love.

Timmy still at the top Tomcat

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lonely at the Top

We need some new management around here

How did you get to be Top Cat Timmy

Thanks for asking Fitz. It all began when...

I did not mean 'How did you' as in the history.
I meant what qualifications do you 
have. A degree perhaps?

I want to hear you wiggle this one Timmy

Well big fella

Some days I feel like a mouse around here

Timmy teetering top Tomcat 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Solid Footing

Here it is. The Cat-Walk

I have to admit...

It is nice and big

You can see out

and walk about

to check things out. Still...

Fitz what is the big attraction?

If I have to explain,
you wouldn't understand

Ah thinkin da ground betterz too Mr Buttenz.
Sumptin bout havin solid footin

Agreed Buddy. Together we will rule the plains of this great untamed land...
Hoo Cat Buttonz. You sure needin solid somethin
Oh yeah Dad thanky thank ya all too!

Mr B with FIV (We need love too)