Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Helpful Cat Rumpy

Rumpy: Hi Dad! Helpful Cat Rumpy Bump Stumpnots here!
Dad: What?

You know, the helpful kitty. Always ready to lend a paw
I do??? You are???

I am ready to help Dad. Hand me that pencil

Well... alright

Tell me what you need

We need to think of how you can access the
Cat-Walk on the kitchen side Rumpy

Dad how about if... no... maybe we can... no... hmmm
I think I have it. We can do a cat size stairs

What a great idea Rumpy. But how?
Let me draw it fur you Dad

Here you go 45 inches here, drop 24 there, attach it
like this here... What do you think

Just purrfect Rumpy! Thanks so much. I was
really stuck on that part

 I want to be of help Dad. I want to be a good
kitty from now on. I will try anyway

Do you think I can do it furends? I want to be good

Rumpy Bump Stumpnots

Monday, July 28, 2014

Buddy's Blue Buddy Tate

Hey dere furends this here is Buddy Budd da Blue and I got some impawtent news fur you bout da fun we been havin. Mah dear and best furend. Tate da Cuppy Cake King, sent me some fun toys hiz Mom makin. She real talented fur-sure. When Dad bring dat box inda houz ah knows right off what it waz. Had ta wait till Caturday ta open-er up 

Da box come inda mailz and ah guardin it.

Pick my Nip Blankie out fur a big day of funz

Ah waz feelin it! Yep yep ah sure waz

Gave Miss Fitz a nice blankie. She tuggin on-it big time

She was lovvin it! Jus lookit dat cutie face
She hadda nice Kicker too

Da kid, Einstein, he hadda big-fun time

Hah! He don't know which way up. No no he
didn't. Yessir

Timmy he picked one out and try ta stay cool, calm
and collector

So much fur dat Timmerz! MOL

Ya doan see da Toberz often not tryin to be Rico-Suave so
catch dis! Hah! Can see his little white secret an all
Yep yep

Ah even gave some ta da Rumperz. 

He say Lip-Smackin-Gud! Yessir!

Buttons had fun too!

Waz such fun watchin my fambly have fun

Whew! What fun. We are still recoverin and have plenty more toys to play with. Ah am gonna give some to da local rescue. Dat Tate is so generous and his Mum iz very very handy to be makin them up.
Stop by and visit Tate on Cat Hugger. I have a page there too and so does Timmy. It is nice fur cats to connect and keep up with each other so think of joinin.

Well dats it fur now.
Yer Buddy
Buddy Budd

Friday, July 25, 2014

Fitz Friday: The more things change...

I need to get up and check MY home so I am
ready for Fitz Friday.

*Tap Tap Tap*

*Sniff Sniff Sniff*

Ugh! Rumpy!

That stink may be Cat-Ching!
I'm outta here

*Stretch & Scratch*
The air is so much better up here.

Toby: Hey Fitz dearest honey sweetums


Toby: Can we, um, sit close to each other, or... 
Um... play a little

Not. Right. Now.

Maybe, maybe after I tell MY fans about MY Cat Walk

This is how things were. Dad made
a very nice Cat Walk for ME.

Now he changed it so it is better for ME.

It goes all the way around...

Back to MY Cat Tree.
Thanks Dad

Toby: Can play now?

Oh... alright. Hop on up there
Toby: Wheee, I love you little Fitz!

Lets not get too far ahead of ourselves Mr T. 
The more things change the more they stay the same. 
I AM the Queen around here!
Toby: Yes dear...

Miss Fitz and Toby

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Einsteins Tails Tale

Einstein: Zzzzzzz Zzzzzzz

Einsteins Tail: I am taking over!
He will be gone and I, Big Floof will rule all!

I have been slowly pushing him out of reality
Growing Floofier and Floofier...

It is only a matter of time until...

He is gone and Big Floofy is in charge!

Zzzzzz... Huh?? What??

That was some strange dream.

How silly. My floofy tail taking over.
The mind sure can play tricks on you

Only a matter of time
Who said that?

I really have to listen to Timmy and only have a little nip.
Do you now

Einstein and Big Floofy

Monday, July 21, 2014

Man Cat Monday: Eye of the Beholder

Toby: What do we have here

Looks interesting

*Sniff Sniff*


Purrfect fit

I wonder if my sweetums will like it

I have to keep it nice and fresh with no
stinky feets in this box

Yes she will be impressed. I feel like a
Big BIG Man Cat in this Box!
I better practice

Check this out:
Fitz! Come here! Right NOW!

Heh heh... didn't see you there honey sweet snookums dear
And throw out that ugly box will you, it smells like feet!