Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Who is the Enemy?

My Pops wanted me to get on the Soapbox about an important topic: The wholesale misinformation about Feral Cats and how they Impact the Bird Populations!

Our area has had limited birds for over 30 years now. It IS NOT due to feral cats!

It is the wholesale destruction of habitats and the use of pesticides that has decimated the bird population NOT FERAL CATs!

Make your voice heard about this! I think and Pops does too that there are wrong headed birders out there who are putting this misinformation into the press.

Remember who won the last time we had a big effort to remove cats!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Angels!

January is a busy month for our Angels

Stinker here! Thanks fur wishing me Happy Birthday Jan 20. Well back to Angel Patrol. 
Purrrr Happy Cat Amber here! Thanks so much for my Jan 21 Day.
Can I rub a bit of hair on you as I fly by? Thanks Much!

Purrs from Pee Girl. Can I lay on you a bit on Jan 20? Thanks. Angels are very light are they not?
Coco here. Lets cuddle under the covers on Jan 31. Angels have such warm hearts.

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Stinker, Pee, Amber and Coco!

Happy Birthday to our Angels
Happy Birthday to You

Thanks for visiting.
Timmy T

Easy Sunday with the Stumpnots

An Easy Sunday with Rumpy Bump Stumpnots showing off his lackadaisical Cattitude while chilling on Pops Lap.

Totally Relaxed in the Lap of Luxury
Since we have already gotten MY BLOG shanghaied by brofur Rumpy we may as well tell his story.

Pops Sphynx Coco had gone over the Rainbow Bridge the month before. He really loved this little kitty and missed him. Looking for a Sphynx Pops saw a listing for a white kitty who tugged his heart in just the right way. "Corkie" was so kyoot. He was transported from TN by P.E.T.S. LLC and became one of the Tomcat family on 10/18/10.The photo above show his Bump (Rump) with its lack of tail. Pops decided to call him Stump-Nots since he had no tail, only a Bump. Then the fact that his Dad was an American Bobtail or Manx with the lack of the tail made him a Rumpy. So now you know the story of the adoption and naming of Rumpy Bump Stump Nots.

We recommend this site if you may wish to help Rescue a Pure Breed.
 Purebred Cat Breed Rescue 

Gee Rumpy, Could you just learn to relax and not be so stressed out. 

I am Rumpy Bump Stumpnots and I approve of this Blog Message
Love all my furends too

Timmy Tomcat

Friday, January 11, 2013

Cat Shelter Felix, Serbia: Gentleness Is a Choice

I just had to let everybody see this post. It really sums up a major issue that The Street Face Every Day and Have Those in Rescue and Foster Overcome and Persevere
Please read this post will you know if think of it

Cat Shelter Felix, Serbia: Gentleness Is a Choicehe

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Public Service IRS

We don't do many public-service messages but this really caught our eye!
This will really impact all of our friends who do rescue and foster work. Please feel free to copy the link and send it to your friends who may be in need of a good right off.

We're just going to paste the link in its entirety so it's easy to copy.


Thanks for stopping by.

Love you!
Timmy Tomcat

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Day

Happy New Years Day!

Hoping you and your loved ones are relaxing and enjoying this day. We are a bit frazzled. The Niptini's and Nipnog was quite strong this year. Treat were plentiful as were plates of Fancy Feast. Thanks be to Mss Fitz! Our lady is quite a mixologist. 

We have some highlights from the last week with a surprise ending!

Here is our Pops Getting the Christmas Party Started
Fitz gets a big bite in

Toby likes to lick the can

Come on guys line up will ya
Toby Yells: "Hey! Buttons! Move Will-Ya!"

Tims tells Toby his plate looks tasty

BUDDY got more cards than ME!
Wow what Great Gifties!

Let me get it out and assemble it. Uh, Pops. A bit of help. Please.
Me First
Me Second

Me on Top. Of Course
I really like this one
I like this one
Well that looks like the end of the Party
Yes. I am beat. How about you Tim? TIM? 
So a grand time was had by all. We purray that you and your families had a very safe and merry Christmas.  Our Buddy Bud had his special day on New Years Eve!
Thanks Manytoes and Family. Your good friends fur sure!
From Pipo and Minko and Family! Thanks We be Siamese
And my Favorite Furs! Russian Blues Lounge on Catster! Thanks Cats
Toby and Buttons join in the celebration!
And of course we have the whole Shebang posted. Buddy Buds Gotcha Celebration!

So that closes out 2012. 
Pops had a very good year. He got a new job title and was assigned to a new department. It went well and when his nice supervisor got promoted he got another nice professional supervisor. 

We were healthy this year. Rumpy is no longer, um, well, messy. The home made chicken cat food has cleared up the dreaded D. And it helped Buddy with his C. Buttons eye has been much better. It only took 4 rounds of antibiotics. Me and Toby are well as usual. So that's it and I hope you have a great year in 2013.


Whats that you say I promised a Surprise Ending. Why yes, yes I did. Well being a cat of my word I had better follow through. Drum Roll please! Trumpets! Snare Drum! Cymbals! Clarinet! Ukulele too! 

Mss Fitz and Mr Buttons in their Foster Videos!

These two came to be members of our Tomcat Home after some time in Foster care. They were both tiny little scraps and a joy. We are so glad they are a part of our family! Here you go! Enjoy!

This is Buttons and Fitz looking for treats! Special when you come from the street!

This is Fitz Racing after the Feathers! Gee she still does that!

Mr Buttons Take Two! Watch and see why this is Two! Meow!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of fun with our newest cats. Now young adults we are proud of Mr Buttons and Mss Fitz.

Love you!
Timmy Tomcat