Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Buddy Budd's Bodacious 7th Got-Cha Day Pawty

Shh evfurry kitty... 
Here he comes... 
Keep quiet Einstein
I'm too excited to be quiet!
I don't know if I want to join in. Buddy always hits me.
Give it a rest fur one day Toby
Ohh... alright Fitz dear, fur you I will.

Buddy can you come up by the Christmas Tree for a minute

Sho ting Timmerz. Whut up?
SURPRISE! Happy 7th Got-Cha Day Buddy Budd!
Whut? Whut? Oh mah cat is areddy dat areddy?

Come here big fella. *Lick*
Whoa dere Rumperz. Dat a bit tooz closer.

Lets all play grab the treat!
Mah Favoritez!
Dad put plenty in there Buddy. You go furst.
*Grab, Crunch* *Grab, Crunch*
Ah lovez diz gamer

Gee what great fun...
TOBY! Be nice!
Yes Fitz, dear.

Dad got out a new Nip Mat from your pal Bugsy. Enjoy!
Where Rumperz? Cat O Cat Tanky tanks Fambly!

Meowzer Wowzer ah is buzzin on dat nip

Buddy I wanted to join in the fun so jump up here
Sure Dad I comin... Whut diz? BACONER!

Enjoy it big fellow.

Now lets get all the goodies out fur our guests. Dig in evfurry kitty!

There are adult kitty beverages with  Nip

Iced tea with nip for the kittens

Hot Cocoa too

We have a wide selection of meats

Dad is on the grill making Bacon Burgers

I have mine
Digger inz little pal Einsteinz

We got you a nice cake too Buddy.
You make the furst cut.

Tanky Fitzer

Tanky ta alla mah furenz. So gud ta see yaz all.
Dere one who ah gotta tanky speshul lak.

Mah Dad! Love ya Dad! Yessir!
I love you too Buddy Budd. You were the best New
Years Date of all!

Thanks for coming furends. Please spend the evening to watch the ball drop if you like!

Happy Mew Year All!
Buddy, Timmy, Toby, Rumpy, Buttons, Fitz, Einstein and Dad

Friday, December 26, 2014

And a Grand Time Was Had by All

Christmas Day Dad deserted us for a bit but you will see it all worked out in our favor.
Dad We got our furends Cashmire and Misty a nice cat pillow case.
Dads pal is so ready fur anything she had it all filled with a
nice feather insides lickity split.

Dad We also got our pals Sullivan and Piper a nice pillow case.
We picked it to match Piper. There she is with her Mom.
Piper is really super friendly and playful. 

There is Sullivan. What a handsome fellow. Toby you may
have a challenger in the handsome Man-Cat department

Sullivan and Pipers cool Dad made our Dad these
nice wooden kitties for our house.

Cashmire and Misty sent us these fun stretchy tubes.
They are great to bitey! Their Mom got our Dad
a new Big Coffee Cup with Cat Lover on it. Purrfect.

Then Dad and we were just amazed as these super nice
families went and got our family a New Corner Scratcher!
Dad had been looking but could not find one. He said he
got a little misty eye when he saw these great gifts from
dear friends.

I gave it a test. Very Comfy.

Sure is Timmy

Then it was our turn.

We got a bunch new toys.

Then there were treats. Yummy
Dad got us a real cat-fishin pole. He says we can only
play with him.
Dad played keep away with us for a bit but Einstein
then grabbed and broke our new toy. Dad got out
our Cat-a-Pole so the rod may go back to the stream. MOL.

Hope you all had a fun and happy Christmas with you loved ones too.

Timmy Tomcat

Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Very Meowy Christmas to All!

Meowy Christmas to all our Friends!
Stop in for a fast snack befur you go out visiting.

There are sandwiches 

Nommy Apple Cider

Hot Chocolate with Chocolate Chip Marshmallows

Good Good Cood Cupcakes

Fur those who want some fruit we have Strawberry Santas

Here is a plate so relax and take a break so you are all ready fur a full day.

Timmy, Toby, Buddy, Rumpy, Buttons, Fitz, Einstein and Dad

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve Angel Magic

We wanted to show you our cards. 

Many friends sent beautiful e Cards too.
We were really touched and thank you all!

Why don't you stick around as we have all decided to
stay up to meet Santa Paws!

For some reason we all fell asleep last year. This
year it will be diffurent. No Christmas Magic will, yawn, put
us... to...







Aww they are so cute Angelo
Sure are Angela. Ready to pool our magic Angelie?
Lets go Angels. One... Two...

Three! Let the magic of Christmas flow into you 
Rumpy to give you some help with your Asthma.
Good work channeling Angelie!
Well done!

Off to the next house where they need Christmas Magic
Angels. Angelie this will be your assignment next year too.
Chorus: Alright Santa

Now all you kitties please go to sleep as I am coming to your house once I drop these presents off. Remember, this is our secret.

Santa Paws

Christmas Eve Day with Cat Scout Timmy

Dad: Calling All Cats! Meet me in the Living Room!

Whats up Dad?
We are going to open your Cat Scout Gift.  
Wow! I am so excited I am licking my cat lips

What a nice card!

Thank Mew Sammy P

Ohh look at this one... and this one...
Rumpy! If you ask nice maybe I will share.

OK, maybe open these two furst.
Sure thing Rumpy

Treats and a Treat Toy. Meow fun!

Now this is special! A smarty Cat String Fling!
I had asked Santa for one of these! Thanks so much!

There is a new Kicker too! A big one!
Timmy it crinkles, Meow!

Can ah playz in yer box Timmerz?
Sure Buddy, but, lets have treats furst.

Nom Nom Nom
Nom Nommy Nom
Nom Nom

Nom Nom Nom
Nom Nom

Num Nom Nom

Nom Nom
Nummy... any left?

Thanks so much Sammy P. I loved your gifts and so did my family. You can visit Sammy over at 15 and Meowing!
If you don't belong to Cat Scouts visit and join. We have lots of fun.

Cat Scout Timmy