Thursday, December 31, 2015

Buddy Budd's Gotcha Day!

*The Family all sneak up on Buddy and let go a loud:*


Whut? Oh mah kitty katz izzit dat timer alreadyz? Aww Thanky Thankz evfurry one
You betcha Buddy. It was Mew Years Eve 2008. Dad met you at 930pm and then introduced you to me and Toby.
Its your 8th anniversary of coming to your real home big fellow.
Ah ain't so big no more...
You will always be our Big Buddy Budd!
You betcha my favorite wrestle partner
Aww... shucks...
You have been here longer than most of us
You were nice to me from my first day here Buddy. I love you.
I remember seeing you as this big huge cat. Then you said hello and treated me like part of the family. You are a great cat Buddy.
Thanky guyz and gal.
Buddy its time to get this Pawty Started so before I get the noms let me show you who came to visit

KALI!! Oh Dad Thanky sooo muches!
Sweetums Kali deerest I so glad yoo could visitin!

Tee-Hee, I thought you would like the surprise my big blue boy!
Oh yez. Now no picature while we kissy.


Oh Buddy...
Oh Kali... 
Oh Buddy...
Oh Kal...
Umm Dad maybe its time to serve some drinks befur the ice melts, MOL 
Ha Ha you bet Timmy. Buddy let me introduce our other guests and then I will serve up the noms!
Gee Dad who else is...

OMC! Hi Nibbler. I am so glad to see you.
Hi Timmy. I wanted to bring in the Mew Year with you.
We can head fur Cat Scouts after Buddies Pawty.


This is so much fun. I have two more guests to introduce. Einstein come on over her my floofy kitty. 

Wow Dad... Hi Shoko,  hello Mango. What a surprise.
Einstein I had to come see my Floofy Man Cat
Oh Shoko let me get you a Niptini and some noms.
Hello dere Mango. Glad ta be meetin da Cat Scout pals of my brofurs. 
Hi Buddy, Hello Einstein

Alright Cats here come the Noms and Drinks
OMG Dad, it all lookin gooood...

First a special Blue Niptinis for Buddy and Kali 

Every furs favorite, Niptinis and Nip Mousies

Plenty of Fat Cat Beer 

Now for the food We have Surf

And Turf 

With Tuna Cakes for a bit of Fin

And Fried Chick-Hen 

Alright my little furries I am heading into the bedroom so have fun!
Thanky Dad, you da bestest
Purrs to rest by
Thank Mew for getting our furends and gal pals 

Shoko it is wonderful to have you here
I love being here my floofy fellow. The Niptini is purrfect

That was a great meal Mango. Lets work on this nip
Sounds good Timmy

I am havin da best of da best GotCha Dayz ever wit yoo here Kali
Thank you Buddy. I really love being with you my blue beau
Awww, ah blushin and luv it luv it

Frendz, Roamin and Country Kittahs, lendin me'z yer listnin!
Stay long az ya likez and havva good timez. Grab a cushin an sleep over  if ya want. An one last thingie...


Buddy Budd
Timmy Tomcat
Toby Tomcat
Rumpy Bump
Mr Buttons
Miss Fitz
Dad Pete

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Have You Got An...

Have you got an Ugly Sweater? MOL! Wow what a fun they can be. We went to a great pawty didn't we Einstein
You bet Timmy! Friends we went to the Cat Scouts Ugly Sweater Pawty yesterday.

There I am on the left with my best gal Shoko of Canadian Cats
And I am in the middle with Nibbler of Momma Yvonne and Nibbler. On the right is our dear furend Mango.

We have a big event planned for a very special fur tomorrow. Hope you stop by!
It will be meowvelous fur sure. Remember to visit Cat Scouts. Maybe you will want to join in the fun!

Timmy Tomcat

Monday, December 28, 2015

Buddy Needs-Ya

Hey dere friends. Ah jes finisher dis Nip sent by mah truezt love
Kali from da Canadian Cats. Hope ya take da time ta lookit
our pozts frum Chirsmas eve on. Dey worth da look.
We gotta rezt up and see ya on Wednesday to get Reddy fur
Mew Years Eve!

Thanky to all fur a wonderful Christmas

Buddy Budd

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Buddy's Super Nippy Gift Selfie

Ah tellin da worlds dat Kali sent me some Super Nip, Yessir!

No Buddy it was my gal Shoko

Tell ya what little feller. Ah think it boff uf dem!
You are so right Buddy Budd
Very yummy too
They sure sent some nice gifts fellas

Timmy Tomcat
Buddy Budd

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Box

Here we are with another wonderfur box to open from our Secret Paws, Cats with Blogs. Dad can you lend a paw hand...
Sure Timmy. Gather around my little furries

Oh My Catness. Rumpy we have another Quint Original!
Humph, I have that much talent in my taileo!
Rumpy you have no taileo.
Ummm, never mind...
Thank Mew Quint and all the Colehaus cats and Mom  and Dad

Hey Dad! You have some fun things too, Yummy noms and...

a fun book. Wow Me-ow more toys

Good job Buddy you almost had it open.

Dad can you please help a little.

I can't beleive it... A Nippy Nanner and Nippy Carrot.
Whiifffffff... iiieeeeeee... Mmmmm good.

Let me at that Carrot, it smells Divine!
*Kick, Kick, Kicky - Kick*
Go fur it Timmy

Thanks Toby, don't mind if I do...

I'm going play in this big and roomy box for awhile

I like the wrapping, smells like Nip!

Timmy, act your age!
I am, it's Christmas... Wheeeee!
MOL You are soooo right, lets play

Whut a wunnerfur Christmaser Rumperz
It sure is Buddy Budd, the best ever!
Hey Timmerz, where yoo go-ez?

I am taking a bit of a rest in our new big box
MOL Ok-do-k Timmerz

If youz sendin a cardz latez no worries we look agin nex weekz
Thanks for taking over the card posting Buddy.
No problemo 

Thanks fur visiting friends! 
We want to thank our dear pals who sent us gifts: Miss Dixie Monroe and Crew, Cat Scout King Meiko and Mom Shandra and the Colehaus Cats. It has been a wonderful Christmas to remember always. We have been spending our evening purr and prayer session to help all those in need. We love you all!

Timmy Tomcat
Toby Tomcat
Buddy Budd
Rumpy Bump
Mr Buttons
Miss Fitz
Dad Pete

Friday, December 25, 2015

A Wonderfur Christmas,

Meowy Christmas and Happy Mew Year furiends 

Taken a look see iffin yer cardz up on da wall uf fame

Me, Me, Timmy look at me with my Yeowww Nip Balls!
Thank Mew Dad!

Meow, what a buzz
I want to play with Wobbert. Mmmm he has tasty hair things.
There are treats inside too! Thanks Dad!

Me-Ow I have Bobble Mousie Einstien

He is really nice. How about it Timmy
I have a nice treat out of his belly.
Thanks fur our prezzies Dad

Next we are opening our Cat Scouts Secret Paws
Meow its a Fun Square! Check me out running inside!

There are two funny boids. I caught them and will be nibbling
on them fur dayz, MOL. 

This really is a nice Play House Einstein. I may call dibs on this!
Thank Mew Scout King Meiko and Mom Shandra

Alright Timmy. How about I keep the Here Kitty box!
Umm, maybe we will share evfurry thing.
Oh Timmy. Ok, I will share all the toys with the family

Our Secret Paws is Miss Dixie Monroe!
Thank Mew soooooo much Miss Dixie

Goodness what a haul
It sure is Rumpy Bump
I like the stocking, we have toys fur each day of the week!
We sure do! Thanks Miss Dixie Monroe 

Meow, Dad help us put the track together please
Sure thing Rumpy

What FUN! Wheeeee
Me next Rumpy!

Hey evfurry kitty! Buddy is noming all the treats!
What is all this then, Buddy?
Yo, ahz jus ettin a few

Rumperz, grab-em when ah shaker-itz!
Keep em coming Buddy

Thanks fur visiting with us dear furiends, come back in the morning for our last box. We really had a great time and its even better to have you joining us in the fun.

Timmy Tomcat
Toby Tomcat
Buddy Budd
Rumpy Bump
Mr Buttons
Miss Fitz
Dad Pete

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve with the Tomcat Family

You know every year we try and stay awake for Santa Paws.
An evfur yearz we doan maken itz ta see Santa Dood!
I agree with you on that Buddy Budd. That Christmas Magic sends us off to dreamland every year

We have some tasty goodies for Santa Paws this year
Hot Chocolate

Little Sammiches

Cuppy Cakes

And Warm Apple Cider

Yep I think, *Yawn* Santa Paws will really like our goodies
I do hope we can stay awake...
Come on, are we cats or mice?
Now that you mention it Rumpy did I hear you squeak?
Looks like you walked into that one Rumpy, MOL
Sure did my big buddy Rum... *Yawn* Zzzzz
Einstein are you asleep already? *Yawn* Oh my I am tired all of...



*Snorfle... Zzzzzz...*

Aww they are so cute AngeloSure are Angela. Ready to pool our Magic Angelie?Remember we have to Magic Healing to Buddy and Rumpy 
Lets go Angels: One... Two...

Three! Let the Magic of Christmas flow into you Buddy & Rumpy to give you a bit of health help for the next year!
Good work Channeling Angelie!
Well done!
All the kitties are asleep. It wont be long now!




Off to the next house where they need Christmas Magic
Angels. Angelie this will be your assignment next year too.
Chorus: Alright Santa
Now all you kitties please go to sleep as I am coming to your house once I drop these presents off. Remember, this is our secret.

Santa Paws

Timmy Tomcat
Toby Tomcat
Buddy Budd
Rumpy Bump
Mr Buttons
Miss Fitz