Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hoo Cat whut a night!

Well the trouble twosome, Buddy and the Rumpers, have gone and done did it.

We were all kind of wound up last night. You know. Just one of those nights when a cats gotta do what a cats gotta do. So we were having a good old time. Running and jumping and wrestling and chasing. Good cat fun. Me and Toby were having a grand time. Rumpy jumped in and then every cat was really worked up. That cat is a bit crazy you know. He grew up in a cage and he does not really know cat etiquette. Ah-well, maybe we cannot blame him too much because that but come on cat enough is enough.

So back to the story. Big Buddy has a bit of a bad attitude about the Rumpers and when those two started last night it was like; WHOA CAT! Well they were up and down, in and out, here and there, back and forth. Pops had already gone to bed and he gave them his"Stop already"! Next when he turned the light on and came out and gave us a talking to we knew it was time to chill and calmed down. Me and Toby did that is. Buddy and Rumpy kept it up. Maybe if Buddy had not ran across Pops head it would have been okay, But come on, really cat, Pops was bleeding and all. So there ya go the guy was STEAMED.  We all took off for our favorite hiding holes.

Rumpy got the triple squirt squirt squirt. Pops made him go in the hooman litter room. He just stayed in there till this morning. Pops was still angry this morning and changed all the stuff in his room around so we can no longer run over the bed and up onto the dresser. He even took off work to do this. Wow.

When Pop cooled off a bit Rumpy went in and said he was sorry. He did his cute cat thing and all is well. Buddy is still just old Buddy Bud. Me and Toby are keeping an eye on all this and will try and keep a lid on it if we see this starting again. We just hope we are still allowed in bed with Pops! It getting cold. Meow!

Your Pal Timmy Tomcat

Monday, December 26, 2011

Too Long

"So Tim" Pops says to me "I set up that blog for you and you do not use it. How come?"
So I tell da old man about how busy a cats life is. You know you have to eat, sleep, play, repeat!
Day in day out! Tiring!
So hoping to be by more in the new year Fur Shur!
Timmy T