Monday, September 30, 2013

Purrs for Socks

Hi Furends:
We wanted to let everyone know our wonderfur furend Socks of Alassandra, The Cats & Dogs is not feeling well. 

Please stop by and Socks and his family know that the whole CB loves him and are purring, barking, chewing carrots and all the things we do to send support and love.

Love you my Tabby Cat Pal
Timmy, Toby, Fitz, Buttons, Rumpy, Buddy and Dad

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rumpy is almost...

Hi Furends:

Rumpy here. The family has been telling me for a while now. I think they may have something. I am much more relaxed. No more the Bad-Kitty all the time. In fact, I am getting pretty...

Not all the time, but, maybe, sometimes... Heh heh heh!

Have a fine Easy
Rumpy Bump Stumnots

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tent Troubles - What's up must come down.

Hi Furends:

In our last exciting episode we left the boys looking for Timmy's Kliban Kitty. Fitz just may have something to say about this!

Toby Tomcat! Busy with Man-Cat things! I never...
OK Miss high jumping knows it all... What?

Buttons open your eyes! 

What are you meowing about?
Look at the tent, good.
Now look at the top of the tent...

Fitz you... Oh...

Well, umm, ahh, yes.
There he is.

Thank you so much Ms Fitz. You really did a great job.
No problem Timmy. You're welcome.
One thing though...

Can you ask Toby to come by.
I want to meow about something
*As our adventure comes to an end Toby is seen slowly walking to see Ms Fitz. Very slowly*

Well furends I am happy that Kliban Kitty is safe. Toby maybe not so much. 

Have a great Caturday

Friday, September 27, 2013

Tent Troubles - Mysterious Disapurrance

Hi Furends:

Some of our family have joined the Cat Scouts so Dad got us our own Camping Tent. We had great fun setting it up and having our furst Camping Adventure. That is until the Mysterious Disapurrance.
I really like this tent but something is wrong.
What are you meowing about Timmy?

There is not much storage Buttons.
Things can get misplaced.
Well there is...

Buttons, I can't find my Kliban Kitty.
Did you see Toby with it?

Maybe I left it home? I was sure I packed
it for the trip. It has Disappurred!

*Cue Sinister Background Music*
Nope, not by the X Scratcher.
Who brought that anymeow?
What are you complaining about Timmy?

Rumpy My Kliban Kitty is Missing!
Didja bring it along?

I thought I did. I better check at home.
Buttons, Toby, Can you keep looking!

Do you see it Buttons?
No Toby. Where could it be?
Hey! Toby, Buttons!

What's that Ms Fitz?
You Man-Cats! I am never amazed
Open your eyes! 
Fitz stop playing games
Yeah! We are busy with Man-Cat Things!

Will Timmy find Kliban Kitty?
Can Buttons and Toby do the job?
Will Rumpy... Uh, well, be Rumpy?
Will Fitz give Toby a whack upside the head?

Stay tuned fur the next exciting installment of:
Tent Troubles -What's up must come down

Have a great day my Furends
Timmy Tomcat

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tobys Try

Hi Furends:

Did you ever want something and, well...
Dad... Dad... You got em? Do ya?

There! Right There! Are they There?
No Toby not now.

No... Where then? Oh I know!

Daaaaad... Where are my treats?

Not time yet there Toberz.
I know Buddy but...You gotta Try!
Squeaky kitty gets the goodie!

Have you ever Squeaked for goodies? It may not be Man-Cat like but gee they are so tasty you really have to try and try.

Purrs my Pals
Toby Tomcat

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

No Fishes Pam! These are Birthday Wishes!

Hi Furends

This is a great day in the CB!
We want to wish Pam, Mom to Sammy from One Spoiled Cat, a Very Happy Birthday!

Thank You for working with Sammy to spread Fun, Love and Caring so freely to all in our community. 
Purrs, Head-Bumps and Love from all of us at the Tomcat Home 

Now of course there are a few more Birthday wishes from your friennds!

Have a wonderful day!

Timmy and Family 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Jockey for Position

Hi Furends:

We got a new X Scratcher and it seems it is in big demand.
What-Cha doing Rumpy?
I am enjoying My New Scratcher!
Yours... Really...

Yes Dad got this just for ME!

Meow! Look at that Mousy all by its lonesome!

Lets play little Mousie! Wow what FUN!

That does look like fun Buttons
Can I play?

Sure Rumpy!
Bring it over here with me and Toby!

That was so easy I am almost sorry I did it.
Nah... Almost don't count. MOL!

And what did you do fun with your family today?
Timmy Tomcat

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Easy for Dad too

Hi Furends:

Dad has resumed working on our Cat-Walk so he deserves a nice Easy with us on the Cat Lounger.
That paint is dry right Dad!

Have a fine Easy

Timmy and Family

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Caturday with the Boys!

Hi Furends:

Nothing like spending Caturday with the Guys. We can do all kinds of Manly Man-Cat things and not have to worry about language or loud bodily functions.
So Toby, are you up for some fun today?

Well, umm, ahh, I have things to do.

Oh come on Toby! What could be more impawtent
than hanging with the boys?

Be right there Fitz my little flower!

I have nothing to add to this one...

Have a great Caturday! Even if you have to do the chores at home.

Timmy Tomcat

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Tomcat Crew is on a Treasure Quest

Arrr me Furends:

We are on a Quest fur Treasure sailing from Conshohocken down the Schuylkill River to the high seas! Say that four times after some Nip-Grog as we celebrate National Talk Like a Pirate Day!
Captain Tim with Furst Mate Toby
and Fearless Fitz!

The Gun Crew is the best on the
High Seas!

The Captain has duties for
the whole Motley Crew!

Of course there are other Wild Buccaneers out on the High Seas! Imagine our supurrise when we saw this hearty fellow!
Our Swedish Swabby Kjelle Bus
not only Guarded the Treasure but

added some Fur and Fishies!

A Fine Chest of Treasure! Saved from
Scalawags by the fierce Kjelle!

Arr! Mate Buttons cannot ye wait fur the

Soon the Nip-Grog was flowing and many tales and tails were spun late into the starry night. We leave you with calm seas and a following wind!

Captain Timmy of the Tomcat Crew

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Rumpy's Gotcha Day!

Hi Furends

We are so happy to celebrate Rumpy's Gotcha Day!

Seems like yesterday...

Buddy Mumbles: Wisher it waz befur dat day agin!

Chill Buddy! Where was I, yes, seems like yesterday Dad got up real early in to meet the truck from Last Chance Animal Rail Road who brought him all the way from Tennessee. He was staying with the Grainger County Humane Society who were very nice to give a foster home to "Corky the Bob Tail Cat." 
The Truck Arrives at 6:00 am Sharp!
A Furst Look at "Corkie"
Dad had his new name all ready to talk about on the way to the Tomcat Home. 
Dad: Well young Man-Cat here we are going to your new home. How do you like the name Rumpy Bump Stumpnots. It comes from you being an American Bob-Tail Rumpy. You have a cute little bump where other cats have tails, and, Stumpnots is you not having any stump at all.
Well, I, um, err, hmm, what was that name again?

Rumpy went into Foster Room to get used to things around here. He liked the Food.
Nom Nom Nom Slurp Nom Gulp Nom
He also liked the Fringe Benefits that are given to all members of the Tomcat Home 
I am going to give you Such-A-Whack Feather Toy!
Next was the big move up to the Tomcat Home proper. We didn't know anything was up and thought it was just another fosters scent we were finding on Dad. Imagine our surprise!!  
Buddy: Who da Cod are YOU?
Rumpy: Rumpy Bump Stumpnots
Rumpy: Umm, that's my name, Rumpy.

Buddy: Oh...So, who da Cod ARE you?
Dad stepped in and did the introduction and after that things went pretty smooth. Today we all get along famously and love our Brother Rumpy.  

Buddy: Speak fur yerselfs. Ah wanna be on da record wit dis: RUMPY... Let me tell you that... 

Friends please grab some Noms and Enjoy our little Party for our one and only
To get you appetite going we have Dried Nip 
Or you may prefer Fresh Nip
There is plenty of Chic-Hen
Turkey with Gravy
Yummy Lunch Meats
Good Sandwiches
Club Sandwiches are Grrreat
We also have lots of good things to quench your thirst and get the kitty dance going! For you driving Dad said you can sleep over!
Cat-Weisers are always a favorite
We have premium lagers
Nip-Tini's of course
Enjoy and Party all you like to help us celebrate our Tail-less boys great day!
Yay Rumpy Bump Stumpnots!

Thanks fur coming!
Timmy Tomcat