Saturday, September 22, 2012

A bit from here, a bit from there.

Oh my cat it has been too long my furends. Sorry.

Things have been kind of busy. Rumpy has been going nuts with his shoe and all the toys as always. Pops says he is one of the most active cats he has ever seen, I stress, Ever. But he will tell you in a minute. Me I have been well. In fact.

Timmy had a fine time showing Rumpy how a bit of butt kicking is done Man-Cat Style.
Furst ya kick with your Right, then Left, Right, Left.
See. Nothing to it.
You Bet I am a Wild Man-Cat!
Right Pops! Meow!
Rumpy has been going wild with the Red Shoe. We keep telling him the police are going to come due to his Crashing and flipping it over. Meow.

But Offisher... Ah didn't see da curvature of da eart. Hiccup.
Honester Offisher. Hiccup.
Hey Cat! I am Springing into Fall!
Fitz is being her sweet self. We just lover her to bits. We really needed a girl to offset all the Man Energy around here.
You Bet I add to this place. I had to blow some of sinky Man-Cat odor out of here!
Buttons has been buttering up Pops. He comes over at night and lays next to him on the couch. He also staked out a spot on the bed. He is really growing into a fine Man-Cat. We just wish his eye would get better. Pops puts medicine in it every day and it stays red. Purr for our little guy.
Hey Cats.
I am really growing into a fine Man-Cat.

Buddy Bud has been chilling with the Catster Blues. Hanging out and drinking beer  on a Pirate Cruise. They even went to Area 51. Those old cats really get around.
Arrr, Matey! Pull up a barrel and have a flagon of Grog!
Yarr, Tell Bloo-Blood Buddy-Bud yer troubles.
Buddy-Budd was Flying the Saucer!
Toby is just looking good as always. Sleek and well groomed he is one handsome Dood!
OK Ladies. Don't shove.
Plenty of Toby to go around.
Check out my portfolio.
This is my Serious Look.
Pops is with us this week. We were looking at some pictures and like this one. He is sitting with Big Stinker. He was the first Man-Cat around here.
Pops and Big Stinker Jan 2001
Finally we wanted to Remember our good pal Gump! May you fly free Gumper!
Gumper in his red coat
Gumper in his t-shirt
Gump and Nadia
Have a good week all!