Friday, October 31, 2014

Tomcat Hallween Pawty

Alright you cats lets get into our costumes for the big Pawty.
Grumble mumble grumble
What's that Buddy Budd?
Ah wanna eatz Timmer.
As soon as our pals see our costumes. I will make sure you get some extra treats. Remember furends you can click to biggafi!
Treaters! Yup Yup Yessir I will be gettin ready now
Thanks Buddy looks like you are our...

Toaster, take it away Buttons mah furend

I am a big Head of Lettuce. Toby you are on...

Look at this juicy Tomato. Fitz Honey...

You are a juicy Man-Cat Toby and I am your Bacon Girl! Buddy stop looking at me and drooling!

I am the Toast of the Town! Rumpy...

Nice White Mayonnaise! And my pal Einstein...

I am the Chef of course,,, Have a Cuppy-Cake furends.
Dad you want to help us get set up fur our big Family Photo!

Dad: Alright kitties you all look great. Let me get in my costume. Can we have a drum roll please to reveal the method to our madness... 

The Tomcat Family Halloween Pawty
Look at me I'm a BLT!

Dad you really are such a weiner, MOL! Now have fun furends we have lots of good noms! Look, some furends are here from Cat Scouts!

Cat Scout Obi as Princess Uni Kitty from the Lego Movie 

Cat Scout Cat as Chia Kitty.
You can be garnish for all of us MOL

Cat Scout Wally as a Pirate. Great beard!

Cat Scout Foxy as Bacon. Miss Fitz and you can share a plate

And evfurry cats Halloween Cat! Cat Scout Spitty!
Lets see who else is here.

Hello Nylablue. What's that? Your Mum sent flowers.

Beautiful... Thank Mew! They really warm up our home!

Now lets all PAWTY!

Start with a Scary Cocktail

These are really tasty

There are Bats

And Cats



Hats too

Stay as long as you like. 

Remember to visit the Tabby Cat Club Pawty also!

Boo to Yoo 

The Tomcat Family

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Gettomg Readu fir a Tomcat Halloween

Whut-Cha want Miss Fitz?

Lets talk about the family Halloween Pawty
Alrighty Missy

Whut-Up Catz?
We have to decide on our costumes
I want to be a Fairy Princess
You are my Princess Fitz my dear
Thank Mew my Man-Cat Toby

I will make a really fine Leading Man-Cat Hollywood Star
Rumpy how about you being a Snake-in-the-Gra...
That hurts Fitz
Lets stop the arguments!

Can I be a Wizard? I am a purrfect Wizard.
Yep, you make us all disappear when you use the litter pan! MOL!
Hah! Dat fur sure!
Spot on dearest!
Sleep with one eye open Fitz!
Stop bickering you cats!

Can I be the Halloween Cat this year?
Nope! I got my Mojo Back in my last post remember

How about as you side-kick Toby?
That works, I like it

All good but no.
What are you thinking Timmy?
But I have my Mojo!
Maybe I can be a Ghost?
Yea Timmerz, whut yer idear?

I still want to be a Princess!
We need something to do together as a Furmaly.
How can we do that?
Oh Meow! I have a grreat idea! 

*Timmy runs off to talk to Dad*
Hey Dad! Can we... mumble whisper mumble meow meow...
Alright Timmy. I will help you all with that idea and I am so glad to be a part of the fun!

Gather around evfurry cat... meow whisper meow mumble meow...

Wondering what we are going to do are you furends? Come by tomorrow and see the Tomcat Family Halloween!
Dad Pete

Got his what back?

I used to be so carefree...

Just look at this photo.
 I was smiling with 
green eyes bright!

Today I am much like *shudder*
Le Chat Noir

The stress of my unrequited love is just too much
for my heart and...

Toby, what are you on about now?

my unrequited love...

We had this talk yesterday, last week and the week befur!
You are my Big Tuff Man-Cat! Don't. You. Furget. It!
Now get ready for your big day you handsome fellow!

Handsome! My gal called me handsome!

These aren't glue on nails chums!
You better Hallow or revere this here Cat on Halloween!

Toby Got-His-Mojo-Back Tomcat

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Basket Case II

Happy National Cat Day!
Vote for us today during Sam-O-Ween
We last saw Einstein yielding the basket to Rumpy in Basket Case I

I warned you about the basket!
Meow, meow,  all meow no action.

CHARGE! *Tussle*

Ha! Gotcha!
Oh alright, take the basket

I will just sit here and lick my wounds

Hope you learned your lesson Rumpy
What... Oh right, sure... *Big Lick*

Let me scent this up *Scritch Scratch*
Oh here are my tocks. Late but purrty

Hope no cat tells him I wanted the S Scratcher in the furst place
Ahh... so comfy...

Rumpy Bump Stumpnots using re-furse psychology

Monday, October 27, 2014

Basket Case I

*10 AM*

*12 Noon*
What are you doing in my basket Rumpy?

Your basket...
Pretty big for your floof there Grasshopper

At least I have floof you, you tailless basket taker!  

Watch it, Kitten!
WHAT, put up your paws

*Waves Paws*
*Waves Paws*

So you relinquish the basket
For now.

Ahh The sweet smell of victory
Sleep with one eye open Rumpy.
This isn't over!

Hi Friends:
We want to introduce you to Chester. Dad met this very wonderful elder kitty when he went to the Kitty Cottage Yard Sale the other week. He jumped on Dad's lap, was purring up a storm and was giving head bumps galore. We are making him our very furst Virtual Foster Cat. Look for more after Halloween. He is auditioning now for his forever home
Chester is at Kitty Cottage in Norristown PA


Rumpy Bump Stumpnots the Tailless Whatchamacallit