Needing Purrs

Please visit our furends who are in need of purrs!
Dear Zoe of Brian's Home was examined and needs surgery for
some hair and junk in her belly. Lets get the volume up
on our purrs for her and her family.
Click photo or here
 to visit Zoe
Dear Katie Isabells's Mom Carol's son Erich needs purrs.
He is battling the dread C and is going for surgery.
Drop in from time to time and let them know
you care. Click here or on photo to visit.
Chloe Jo of McGuffy's Reader has not been feeling well.
Please drop by and send her some purrs.
Click here or photo.

Lets get our purr motors going for dear
Zoe of Brian's Home!
Click photo or here to visit Zoe

Our pal Speedy from Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny stopped eating the other day. Dad and Mom Rachel have been keeping him warm and pushing a bit into him. He has been to the vet and is a bit better but still needs purrs. 
Julie from Twinkletoe Tails has a limp. She is going to the stabby place as at 17 you have to keep up with these things.
Our dear furend Gleek has had a reaction to the medicine he needs to take to prevent seizures. He has FIV so he needs purrs a plenty.
Clementine of Life from a Cats Perspective has been missing
Visit her home Here!
Purrs Work! Lacoon is Purring
Our furend Dante from All About Lacocoon Dante is
back from the vet. He had a mega of a mega-colon. Luckily this has
cleared out and hopefully his Mom can manage this without
his needing surgery. Vet visit is here.  He is a really handsome Man-Cat!
Purrs Work! Bambino is Purring!
Dear Man-Cat Bambino from Herman's Hideaway has
been under the weather. See here. The white coats are not
sure what it is It may be from his FeLV. He is on the mend and would love your purrs.
Purrs Work! Moosey is Purring!
Moosey from Animal Shelter Volunteer Life
He was at the Vet for a week. His pawrents are glad he
is now home but no clear issue has been determined.
Please visit and support Moosey and Family with purrs.
been determined 

Thanks so much for supurrting our good furends!
Timmy, Dad Pete and Family
Purrs Work! Keep the Purrs Going!

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Anonymous said...

We sned purrayerz n purrz to Dante, Bambino n Moosey n hopez dey al make guud recovereez n feel bettur soon!!
Much Lub n speshell purrayerz frum Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum