Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tributes and Our Homeless-Hiss!

We were saddened by the news that a Catblogosphere Legend has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Skeezix your feline sense of fashion shook the world and we will miss your excellent commentary on the glitterati and regular cats as us. We are Pinking Up so you can see all you Blog Buddies so much easier from the Bridge. Purrs Furend!

Until we shall meet again keep the Bridge Fashionable. 
We also want to put a tribute to Marigold who went to the Bridge on the 16th after a fight with FIP. She had been adopted by Laura of Heaven Sent after Rose of Rose and the Royals Died and her kitties needed new homes.

Fly Free Dear Marigold!

As you know FIP is a very deadly virus and Laura fought the good fight with her vets for Marigold. 

The Furriends of the Cat Blogosphere have an Auction running to help defray the huge vet bill. Please stop by and maybe bid on some items.
Hurry it closes on Friday!!

Quint of Colehaus Cats has donated a Special One Off Painting that is very nice. 

Furriends of the CB Auction for Marigold

Now a word on Homeless-Hiss!

Seems the Dad got a bug in his bonnet (not that he wears them but maybe he would look ok, hmmmm) about the places our family has, well, worn a bit. Now being clawless but not clueless I must admit my brofurs have done a bit of damage alteration to the carpets. Since through the use of Torture Behavior Modification and Training they are now Claws-Off the old guy (old old guy) decided to splunge and get new. Then he thinks (so rare in humans these days) "Hey, I am having this done why not do the paint too!" 

Yeah Dad! Just peachy. Did you think to discuss this furst? No. Dad if you just drop the T from paint you have what this has caused. PAIN! We have been ripped from our home and thrust into that cubby-hole he calls an office. (We have a sneaky cat-chute into another room while he is all cramped. MOL)

We have paid him back in spades by running wild all night long Sunday and Monday. We finally settled down  last night at 1am. We were bushed. 

So that is the Saga. I heard Dad giving the contractor Dood a bit of an  ear as he wants to be finished by Friday. 

We have pretty good Squirrel and B-Word TV. (Hah TTT's)

Our Toby Tomcats B-Day is Thursday so we will have a party when we are back in our home and all our friends will be invited. Angel Pee Girl will also be a guest of honor as her Got-Cha day was June 20 when she met Dad. 

Have fun and torture you hoomans
We do!

Timmy Tomcat

Monday, June 24, 2013

Homeless Man-Cat Monday!

Sorry fur being away for so long but, Hoo-Cat, what a week it has been. Then it got worse!

Our food in not on our tray!
Our beds are in disarray! 
Our favorite toys are put away!
My Oh My What a Day!

Dad told us he was putting a bit of polish on the place but who knew that it would be so, so... MEOW!

Dad has been bagging and boxing and moving and making all too much ruckus.  A week it has been going on. Then today it was over. Or we thought it was. Whew, finally a rest. We line up for our evening treats and ZIP,we were all put in those strange cat boxes with lids and carted off. You can bet your tails we were singing the Cat-Blues


We all thought for sure we were going to get the needle and stuff. Imagine our surprise when we were let out and it was not the V-E-T place. We were all on a call to Ceiling Cat as it was very strange. Then we noticed that at least it smelled a bit like Dad. Fitz and Buttens meowed that they had been here before. They said it was a "Foster Room" that Dad is now using as an office. Well Whoopee! It is not home! We are trying to put a good paw forward and chill. Purr for us!

Of course Rumpy is already making like he is boss. 

He Dad, is this your chair! No more!

At least we have Bird-TV.

It seemed a bit small at first but then we all found the cat-chute into another room. That seems like a quiet place all full of Dad stuff with lots and lots of hiding spots.

Well thats the story. Will try and keep you infurmed about whats up with all this crazyness. At least Dad is sleeping with us on the chair. He tries to be good to us, I guess.

Homeless Timmy and Family.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day!

Rumpy Bump here taking charge in a Man-Cat way for fathers day.
May all the great Fathers and Dads have a fantastic day.

Now lets get into a bit why Timmy gave me the reigns. 

Dad and I were sitting looking over Tim's post for the Tabby Cat Club and he said: "GooBoy  Rumpy you are really starting to act like a Man-Cat". 

You see I used to flipity-flop all over the keyboard, the mouse, Dad, you get the picture. I now know that if I want to be with Dad while he is using the big puter that I have to sit nice. 

First I come up and give him a Manly Finger Lick

Then I settle in and simply be good.
I then get a nice "GooBoy" from my Dad.

So we as we were being Manly Men Dad says: "Rumpy you have to see this post from one of my favorite cat sites." What is it about Dad? "Why its about GooBoys and I know you really like Tabby's Place." Wow I sure do. Let's see it!

Click on picture to read:
'To be Good' on the Tabby's place Blog

We wish all our GooBoy a wonderful Fathers Day! 

Who thought being good could be, well, so good!
Rumpy Bump Stumpnots

Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday with Fitz

Hi Lady Cats, Ms Fitz here with a beauty tip.

Lets talk about Footsies! 

Give them a good Whiffie. You never know when you may have stepped where some stinky Man-Cat was lounging. Ugh!

Yech! Rumpy! I smell Rumpy! Lick, lick, lick, lick.

Purrfection. Nothing but Man-Cat Toby on my Tootsies.

I never said All Man-Cats are Stinky!
Ms Fitz (The Rose Among Thorns)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Buddy Budd wit Funz an da Retractor

He Catz!
Buddy Budd bein heer wit daRetractor Noticer!

Ah doan knowz whut dat Timmerz wuz tinkin? He wen an putta werd inna Bloggie dat izza furbidder werd. It be furbidder cuz we stander inz solidaar-ity wit ar pals at da Trout Towner!

Whut he bin thinker! He shudda sayed: Da B... 
Hoo-Cat! Buddy Budd almoz sayed it! 

He shudds sayed: B-werd Cat Catcher Toy by the maker of Go Cat Feather Toys

So diz a officer Retractor Noticer of da Tomcatz Fambly usin dat Negatoree B-Werd!

Big Tomcat Sorree Sorree too da Trout Townz!
Yep Yep

Now dat Funz comin! 

Furst we gotta veree nize paw painter Paintin by Cole of da Colehaus Cats

Painting by Cole of the Colehaus Cats!
Click photo to order yours!

Dad readee ta painter and new rugger da Tomcat Man-Shun! That sum gud gud gud paintin gonna be onna wall!

Now more Funnin! 

Youz all inviter to da Buddy Budd'z owner secretz Gardenz. Buddy bin sharin! Fur da summa you doan gotta be a Bloo ta visiter (sept when Buddy iz havin hiz bloo frens in fur da partee hartee.) 

You all inviter to mah Gardenz. Doan gotta bee Bllue! 

Thanker fur visitin!
Your Buddy 
Buddy Budd

Monday, June 10, 2013

Nothing like Kitty Goodies

I have fun to report Today

Whee We got Goodies! Dad got us a really good Lazer. He said he got really tired of buying a new one all the time just to have it work for a day, if we were lucky. He got a good one. INFINITER 100 Red Laser Pointer from Amazon. 

When you buy a lazer you have to make sure it is safe for us. Dad knows about those things so we say: Thanks Dad! Great Fun. Lets Play!

Fitz you Furst!

OK Timmy! Imagine my surprise when Dad showed me our new Goodie!

It looks good! It even whiffies Good!
Thanks Dad! Love it! 
Check us out having fun with the this Great Lazerr!

We also got a Super Catnip Mousie from Oskar and Klaus! It is the BEST as you can see!

Very Nice fur a Lick or Few!

Well. I guess I can agree on this! Nothing else though!

Love it Love it Love it

Yes Mousie you are a good mousie!

You need two photos of the Kyoot Lady Cat! Purrrrrrr
Whee! Dad was on a roll. He also got us something we have wanted furever! Drum-Roll Please!

Da Bird Cat Catcher Cat Toy by the maker of Go Cat Feather Toys! Whee

We wanted to have some pictures of us playing with this but, well, too much action to catch us with the flashy box. Maybe next time!

Timmy Tomcat

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Award Funday

We want to thank our great pals over at the Katnip Lounge fur sharing a great Award: Ambers Wonderpurr Award! 

They got it from the great cats over at Cherry City Kitties who say this: "This is all about the love. You don't have to do anything, but share. No questions, no contests, no elebenty hundred bloggers to nominate, just love.

So if our friends would be so good as to share this with 5 of their blogging friends, together we can share the purrs and love throughout the blogosphere."

We love this! We nominate:

Whoa! How cool is that. We actually have passed on some awards due to simply not having the time to spend answering 20 questions and writing a dossier. 

Mom at the Katnip Lounge has a hurt knee so send purrs! 
Have a great Sunday Furends!

Timmy Tomcat

Friday, June 7, 2013

Training with Timmy Tomcat

Be ready fur anything!

Hey Tomcat Family! Training Time. Ms Fitz you're up furst.

Do I have to?

I thought you liked training with me?

Well... I do... But...

Come on... You can tell your friend Timmy.

Uh... OK, Rumpy says I look like a Wild Cat when I get excited.
He says Toby laughs at me.

Goodness! That Rumpy. Don't you believe it! 
I know what Toby says. Toby thinks you are all Lady Cat! 
If you notice he is a bit wild too!

Whew! Thanks Timmy. By the way...


Don't show your paw. I saw that move coming.
Omph! Thought I had you!

Good move! Keep light paws as you circle the opponent!

Always be ready fur the Smacky Paw!

Thanks Timmy. That was Grrreat!
You are welcome. Remember to practice. Maybe ask Toby.
Oh Yes! Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Uh... Yeah... Sure Fitz. Wait till my TV show is over OK.

Some things never change.

Purrs From the Tomcat Home

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tomcat Tuesday with the Boyz

First we have an announcement.

Monday was our Angel Amber's Rainbow Bridge Anniversary. She had a big smile everyday and it was always Sunny when Amber was around. Till we meet again Sweet Girl.

I love to smile, purr, and get a bit of fur on you, just a little.

So Toby and I have a grand plan to develop dramatic presentations for cats. This, our first, is that there is a treat payment due an honest cat and when he comes to collect from Ponzi Kitty the fur flies. Great idea isn't it. Oh yes, one more thing, as we cats have short attention spans, here is the first Diminutive Drama of less than ten seconds. No more waiting hours for the ending and falling asleep so you miss it anyhow. On with the show!

We think this could catch on!

Now lets give the floor to Buttons. Take it away Dood.

Hi cats, let me tell you something, I love boxes. I love bags even more. But there is one thing that well...

Have you ever jumped in a bag and then had a funny feeling. Like maybe there
was someone watching? I shrug it off but the feeling is still there.

Yeah, some days you can really play mind games on yourself. 
I guess that is one of those odd things about life. Well while you chew on that little tidbit I need to announce that I will now be the account executive for Diminutive Drama Productions.

Come into my office and lets go over our next presentation.
Pay no mind to that fine print. 

Hold on, what's that? Who's lawyer is saying they are going to sue?
Send in our "Expediter"

Mr Buttons:*whisper whisper pssst whisper pssst*

Rumpus "The Breaker" Bumpus: "Ya, I got it, dey gonna be sorry
 dey ever messed wit da Tomcat Organization!

Some cat will be very secure the next time they decide
to fit into a handy box or nice bag. 

As we close we hear Mr B saying some final words: Wait till you are home safe in your bag! MwaHaHaHa!

A Tomcat Family Production
of a Diminutive Drama
Mr Buttons as Mr B
Rumpy Bump Stumpnots as Rumpus"The Breaker" Bumpus
Buddy Budd as The Mysterious Cat in the Background
Timmy Tomcat playing The Cat Behind the Great Treat Ponzi Scheme 
Toby Tomcat playing Honest Cat
Ms Fitz Costumes and Set Design

Refreshments by Treat Meister
Distributed by Good Kitty Adoptions 


Buddy Budd: Da movies inna movies mah idee.