Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Whacky Weed Pawty

Toby: Whoa! What's this Rumpy
Rumpy: Hmmm, I am not sure Toby
Toby: Hey Timmy look at this

Timmy: Oh Wow. Give it a Nom.
Toby: I don't know...

Rumpy: *Sniff* Mmm, smells good. Nom Nom Nom

Einstein: *Sniff* What is...
Toby: You come away right now young cat!

Rumpy: Nom Nom Nom

Timmy: *Sniff* Mmmm, Nom Nom Nom
Rumpy: Nom Nom Nom

Rumpy: Where did Toby go?
Timmy: Nom Nom Nom

Toby: I had to remove the child-cat from the Demon Weed! You are already HOOKED!

Rumpy: Should we tell him its for digestion? Nom Nom Nom 
Timmy: Maybe later. Nom Nom Nom

Timmy: I hear Dad is growing us a nice big pot of Nip!
Rumpy: Whoa, Dude! I can hardly wait

Please send purrs for Tabby Cat Club furend Clementine. She got out of the house and is missing. Visit by clicking here

Purrs Furends
Timmy Tomcat 

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Big Show

Toby: Hey Buddy go check out that show
Buddy: No Wayz Toberz!
Toby: Rumpy how about it. What is it?
Rumpy: Uhhh, ummm, errr, OK

Buddy: Ask them boids whut dey doin Rumpers!
Rumpy: Hey birds what are you doing here?

Buddy: What dey say? What dey say?
Toby: Yeah what dey, I mean what are they saying?

Rumpy: They say there is a big show. Timmy is being featured as Cat furend of the month over at the My Three Moggies. Lets run over and see!

Toby: What about my Gotcha day that was the 27th. Did you all furget?

Dad: I remembered Toby.
Happy Gotcha Day!

Toby: Thanks Dad. Well then, lets head over to support Timmy by clicking here.
Hope you do too furends
Toby Tomcat

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Big News

Toby here
Timmy will be telling you about some Big News
OK then Buddy will!

Buddy are you going to...
No, Einstein then!

Einstein tell us the Big News
OK Toby!

On  Monday Timmy will be featured on My Three Moggies as the Fur Friend of the Month. Hope you all come and visit!

And its EASY TIME!

Um, gotcha.
So cats see you tomorrow over at 

Happy Easy
Toby Tomcat

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Caturday Art Blog Hop with Athena

Please send Purrs for Clementine who is missing! Thank Mew!
Timmy with BeFunky
This is a Blog Hop

Friday, April 25, 2014

Open Sez-A...

Fitz: Rumpy what are you up to?
Rumpy: Ohhh, nothin... Psst, Einstein.

Einstein: What awe you dowin Wumpy?
Rumpy: Lets play
Einstein: I can't I'm in hewer

Rumpy: We can play through the door
Einstein: Alwight
Timmy: Go around the door E

Rumpy: Aww Timmy... I had him going
Einstein: Wha... LASEW-YEW-RUMPIES

Einstein: He pwayed a twick on me Tim
Timmy: Next time just say Open-Seza-Meow

Einstein: Open-Sez-A-Meow!
Look! Look Tim! It Wowked!

I just couldn't resist. Kittens are such fun.
I wanted to let my furends know we are The Three Moggies Fur Friends of the Month for April! Thanks s very much Moggies. Visit the The Three Moggies on Monday to see this great post!
Purrs Furends
Timmy Tomcat and Furmaly

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Einsteins Cat Scout Swag Pawty Part II

Hi Fuwends
Were you able to decode the Mowse Code Message from yesterday? I am really cuwious so pwease leave a comment either way. Hewe is the answer.
Yes that is Cat Scout Wally Island Cat. 

We had a big pawty after the Quest and I decoded a semaphore signal to win. Thank Mew fur the Swag Wally. Wally is the leader of our Den Wally's Wawwiows.
Thanks fur the Swag Wally

I let my fuwmaly pway with the toys and we shawed the tweats.
Thanks Einstein. These are meowvelous

Buttons: Wow! What flavor! What Scent!
Weawwy gweat aren't they B

Rumpy: Wheee!
I am glad you like it best fuwend

Miss Fitz: My Bitey of Approval
This is an action shot of me and Timmy. If you cannot see this is the link here.

I would show you the treats but we ate em right up. MOL
Thanks to all my Cat Scout Fuwends like Wally Island Cat. Special thanks to Denmaster who does so much work to make Cat Scouts the funnest place for kitties. You should think of joining. Come by and say Einstein sent you.

Purrs to all
Einstein Kit Scout

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Einsteins Cat Scout Swag Pawty Part I

Hewwo to all my pals. 
Timmy says I can tell evfuwwy kitty about all the gweat swag I gotted fwum going on a Quest with my Cat Scout fuwends.
Here is my cool badge fur going on the Quest

We hiked and camped in tents and had great campfire noms and smowes. It waz great.

Fun huh, and, I won a weally cool Flewon Signaler. 
Thank Mew Denmaster!
Cat Scouts and Human Scouts use this
to learn how to send messages.

There is a switch where you can change
the sound or use the blinker
Dad Pete: This came in the original box with instructions inside. I really love antiques and this will have a place of honor in our home. Thanks Denmaster!

Oh My Cat! Dad there is mowe in here!

Wow-Meow! Denmaster included some official
Cat Scout Bugle twaining books

I waz the Buglemaster fur Wally's Wawwiors. Click my picture to hear how I woke the Scouts up with Weveille. If you cannot see my video the link is Here

I can really blow a bugle. It was so much fun.
We had to compete with other Cat Scout Dens in diffuwent challenges like decoding Semaphowe and Mowse code. 
Can you decode a Mowse message?

Pwease come back tomowwow to see the answer to the message and mowe fun.
You should come by Cat Scouts and join up. Tell Denmaster Einstein sent you.
Einstein Kit Scout

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Have a good Earth Day

This is a Very Impawtent Day!
Thank Mew Zoolatry fur the logo

We work with Dad to Recycle all our food bags and cans along with that plastic that evfurry thing is wrapped in today.

We are happy to report our township had the highest percentage of recycling in our county.

Please do your pawt.
Thank Mew!

Timmy, Dad, Buddy, Rumpy, Toby, Buttons, Fitz and Einstein

Monday, April 21, 2014


Meow Oh-My we got the bestest award from our pals! 

Yoo Hoo! YOO HOO! Award
Furst: We want to thank both Sammy of One Spoiled Cat and also the kitties at A Cat on my HeadThank Mew for giving us this award!

SecondedWe did visit a lot of blogs who have been awarded this and left comments.

Thirdly: We will tell you three things we are thanfur for.
One: We are so very thankfur for Einstein. He came to us a little teeny kitty.
Einstein: Hi Timmy
Hi Einstein

We are thankfur that Rumpy is getting over his Asthma with Dads help
Rumpy: There was Medicine in that ham?
Dad: Yup
Thirdly: We are thankfur that YOU are our furends!

We think just about all our furends have this one so we ask you to take it if you do not. Just credit us with it and tell what you are thankfur for.
As an FYI our good pal Nerissa created this award to celebrate the amazing number of visits to his blog! Stop by and visit as he is planning a big giveaway soon.
Please purr fur our pal Toby and his person Uncle Mike. Toby got his tail caught in a door and needed surgery. Visit them Here.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easy Easter with Einstein

Zzzz's, Zzzz's

Really Dad, I was Zzzz!

But you were so cute and... Sorry!
Ham will make up fur this!
As we let our little one sleep Miss Fitz has a very impawtent announcements
From all of us, to all of you!

Thank you fur being our furends.
We love you all dearly!

Dad Pete, Timmy, Toby, Buddy, Rumpy, Mr Buttons, Miss Fitz and Einstein.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friend Friday

You did a good job wearing the Captain America Shirt Rumpy.
Thanks Timmy

In fact, we make a pretty good team
Yes we do


What did I... Oh my...
What did you... Oh my...


We all wish our dear friends health and happiness this Easter Holiday!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Secret Identity Revealed

Hey Dad! Look what I got in the mail.

Our furend Sampson over at Kitty Cat Chronicles
sent us the Captain America shirt. He looked simply Amazing! Check him out here!

Rumpy: Wow Timmy! How fun!

Rumpy: I will model it as I know
you do not wear things

Rumpy: I look snazzy!

Toby: Hah!
Rumpy: Gonna whack you with my shield!

Einstein: Look Sampson sent toys!
Rumpy: I have to get this off. DAD!

Einstein: Look! I have a super outfit too!

I, Rumpy Bump Stumpnots, have joined a grand Blog-O-Sphere parade following Sampson of Kitty Cat Chronicles who got it from Lady Olivia of The Cat on my Head who got it from Raz and Allie of Friends Furever who got it from Two Two of Marg's Animals who got it from Laila and Minchie of Cat-A-Holic.

Sorry we did not have better photos. I was not comfy and had to get it off. Einstein was going to try but dad did not have enough band aids.

I Rumpy Bump Stumpnots will now be known as
Captian Cat-America! Thanks Timmy

OK Rumpy.
By the way furends we want to apawlogize fur Buttons and Einstein at the Man-Cat Monday Birthday Pawty. Seems they wanted to goof on Toby and said Buddy's name every time they should have said Toby. Do you two have something to meow!
Einstein: Sowwy Toby
Buttons: Sorry Toby
Thanks cats. Now an impawtent message. The typist is covering fur another human at work and this means he is doing double work. We may not be visiting much till next week.
Purrs all
Timmy Tomcat