Thursday, March 21, 2019

Thankful Thursday and a bit of Poetry

We are joining Angel Sammy of One Spoiled Cat for
Poetic Thursday

Oh to live on a boat
On which to sit as you float
Watching the water go by
The odd bird flying in the sky
Oh to live on a boat
To nap and poetry you wrote

We joininer Brian's Home fer da Thankyfulz Thursdaze Hops

Ah Thankyfulz fur da Dad an him bein mah beddy bye bed
Yer Buddy, Buddy Budd

We want to remember Angel Amber's Gotcha Day today
I am so thankful I got to know you sweet girl
Your Dad

Timmy Tomcat: Tomcat Home Spokes Cat 
Buddy Budd: Elder States Cat
Dad Pete: Our Old Hooman

©Tomcat Commentary by Tim: All rights reserved


  1. That's a great poem.
    Happy Gotcha Day at the Bridge to Angel Amber. She was a pretty girl.

  2. Angel Amber was such a beauty! I love how you're remembering her today.

  3. That was a terrific poem, we'd all like to live on THAT boat. Hugs as you remember sweet Angel Amber and thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.

  4. Happy Gotcha Day gorgeous beloved little one. Your dad misses you so much. XXXXX

  5. Looks like your dad is the perfect beddy bye bed!

  6. We're sorry we never got to meet beautiful Amber.

    Purrs for soft human beds !

  7. Sending you hugs as you remember your Angel Amber. Good job on the poem.

  8. We like that poem, you guys. We bet living on a boat would mean more fish to eat, too. :)

    Looking good, Buddy Budd. And happy gotcha day to Angel Amber!

  9. WOW!!!! You all did a GREAT job with Sammy's Poetry Challenge! This is a very good poem and we're so happy you gave it a whirl. Now we'll expect you to play poetry with us every week (hahaha). Seriously, thanks for playing along with us. We love the photo of Angel Amber - what a beautiful girl. We sure miss our Angels..........

    Love, Teddy


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