Monday, November 25, 2013

Mini Mancat Monday

Hi Furends:

You should all know about my, sniff, loss over at the Cat Scouts Cardwood Derby. When we build my car I was thinking it would not even  be a contest and I would coast into furst. Well, when those entries pulled up to the starting line my heart was pounding. There were some Grrreat Racers. My pal Newman won with his super fast Jeep! You can see my competition over on Pinterest.

I do have my tissue which I won fur second place along with my Cat Scouts Neckerchief and Woggle

I really need something to lift me up.
Einstein: This will make you feel better Timmy.
Soft Tabby
Warm Tabby
Little Ball of Fur
Happy Tabby
Sleepy Tabby
Purr Purr Purr

I think I will sulk a bit more!

Thanks Dexter and Willow for Hosting 
this fun idea at the Tabby Cat Club!
Hey Cats! Think about joining the Cat Scouts Too!

Please purr a bit fur our Dad. The cold weather has bought back the Arthur-itis in his wrist. Working as my typist is a bit much as he has to work to keep us in Noms. We will be posting less and he will be visiting but may not be commenting for a little while. Thanks

Timmy Tomcat


  1. We are sending nice warm soft purrs to your Dad...our Mommy's knee is singing, too. Remember, there's always Wordless Wednesday!

    Einstein, we loved your song!

  2. Second place is nothing to sneeze at! That was a tough competition. I am sending purrs your human's way - I hope his wrist feels better soon.

  3. Here's hoping those blues go away, and that the hand improves quickly too.

    The Chans

  4. We purr that your dad's wrist feels better soon!

  5. It was a nice try, Einstein. You're a good friend.

    I hope your dad's wrist improves. It's doubly bad when you have to do something that causes a pain to continue. Try to rest it as much as possible; we'll all understand if he can't type much.

  6. awwwww, we sorry you didn't win Furst place I de Derby, but dun't sulk too long dude, turkey day iz on de way...... Nothin Better den a fuul belleh ov turkey to makez you wanna take a long winter's nap! ^..^

    Einstein you & your poem are Adorable!! ^.,^ mom iz sendin you many smoochiez thru de puter!! ♥♥♥oxoxoxoxo ;)

    We hopez your dad's wrist feelz Better soon, but if it'z anything like Lolly'z leg (she started limping again once is started getting Cold) it'z gonna be a Lonnnngggg Winter! ^..^ x6
    Happy Turkey Day guyz!! ^.,^ x6 + da mom :) ♥♥♥xoxoxo♥♥♥

  7. doodz...second place iz just az good...N ya entered N had fun sew itz all good..yur car wuz rockin...we can heer indy callin now ......listen...N hope yur dad getz ta feelin better; don't suppose a trout strapped round his wrist sew he looks good, iz stylish, smells grate N haza handee snax close by, would werk for him ....ore dont suppose him has tried coconut joke on that one guys !!

  8. OH Einstein your pretty poem was so sweet and we know that lifted up Timmy's spirits. We are sorry about your Daddy. We know a bit about that too. We shall send healing purrs.

  9. Hey Timmy….Mau says second place is pawsome and so do we. Poor Mau didn't even get an honorable mention. We are so sorry about your dad's wrist. The cold is very bad for our mommy's disease. The last two mornings started out at 21 degrees F. We love the adaptation of Soft Kitty to Soft tabby! Purrs and hugs, Mauricio, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  10. Second place is good to Timmy so don't feel too bad about it. Einstein is cute trying to cheer you up.
    Sending purrs for your dad. Arthur Itis is no fun. The cold weather makes my mum's leg with the plates very painful too.

  11. Timmy, I think you did good, buddy! Einstein is a cheery little soul, isn't he!! Sending purrs for your dad's Arthur Itis! xox

  12. Timmy it's is the fun of competing really :) and Einy sure lifts your spirits!! and i send my best to your Arfur-eye-tis plays up terribly too...we have had more cold than heat leading a week into summer and i don't know if i am coming or going!! i understand totally!!! hugs to all Fozziemum xxx

  13. Well ya done good! Purrs to your Dad from all of us. My Dad has that same problem!

  14. Well done, second place is fantastic.. That song is off Big Bang now I am going to be singing it all day LOL xxoxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  15. Pe-ez..Sending Dad lots of healing paws :) xxxxxxxx

  16. Awwww Timmy I can't believe your pawesome car didn't win FURST PRISE!!! But at least mew came in second which is fancatstic :D I didn't even get to enter as my P.A. didn't see the post until the day before and there was no time to make me a car - I was sulking big time, especially when I saw all the pawesomeness effuryone had built, howeffur, there's always next year :D

    BTW We are sending healing purrs to your dad too :D

  17. doodz & fitz: hope everee one at yur houz haza happee non burd pie filled thanx bee givin :)


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