Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday with Fitz: Who Dat?

Time for Sleepy Bye with Dad and...

What is all this then! Who Dat?
Tis I, Sneaky Scratcher
You better come out!
Ha Ha Ha

I will get you...
*Whap, Grab, Whack, Paw*
Hey, HEY!


Can you please let me go
If you have learned your lesson
I will not tease Miss Fitz ever again

Now don't go overboard
We can play from time to time

Alright then!

Miss Fitz - Lady Cat Champion
Sneaky Scratcher - Will be seen again, but when?

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Pick Me Up, Lay Me Down

Rrrrrrr Fishie I gotcha! Fishie I gotcha!
Ha Ha Ha you sure do Buddy

Wanna playz sum more Fishie Wishie
Sure do Buddy Budd you are fun to play with

Buddy, Buddy look over here. Its Color Tail
and I can play too
Not righty nowz ah bizzy bizzy
*Sigh* Alright

Don't you want to play with him anymore?
Aint dat. Ah hear him tell all yoo toyz he da favorite
He was a bit high on his horse
Ah keepin him righty-right size, layin him down, yep yep
Are you going to do that to me... gulp...
No yoo got good egotistical sizer. Yessir
Thanks, I think

Buddy I dont think we need to keep our toys in line
Yoo shur uf dat Timmerz?

Buddy - The Equalizer - Budd 
Fishie Wishie - Top fur a Time but keepin on the down low
Color Tail - The Chastised Toy
Timmy Tomcat

Monday, June 19, 2017

Happy International Box Day

What can be better Miss Fitz than a day to celebrate a cats most favorite thing in the world, a good sturdy box!

You bet Timmy. I admit I do not run to be the furst when a new box shows up at our house but after the excitement lowers I stroll over and hop in. Then I can enjoy some nice leisurely box time.

I think you may be onto something Fitz. Now we...

Hey! What is all this then! There are others in the family who like boxes and want to be a part of this day too. Stop hogging Box Day like you Hog Boxes!

Are you done Rumpy. I was just going to say: Now we will have the rest of the family show their great boxes furst!

Oh... Sorry... I will be quiet now...

Rumperz yoo shur ar sumptin! Har Har
When ah git a nicer boxer ah keep it safe's

Wit mah Laserz. Keepin clear ya'll

I like a box with room. I am so comfy in this one.
To get the paper just like I like it takes
three complete turns. Ahhh

Sometimes a box can look small from the outside but
be quite roomy. Like  the Tardis

I like the ones that look big and are big fur a big kitty

I think mine is best
No, mine is best
No mine
No mine

Well they can argue but it is clear as the floof
on my ruff that mine is the absolute, positively, no
argument, completely the best!

No mine
No mine
No mine
No mine
No minez
No mine
Last meow and its mine... Nya Ha Ha Ha

Timmy Tomcat
Toby Tomcat
Buddy Budd
Rumpy Bump Stumpnots
Miss Fitz
Mr Buttons
Dad Pete

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fathers Day

We all are tails-in-the-air happy to have such a wonderful Dad. He gave us all furever homes, takes care of our kitty needs, feeds us good noms and loves us as much as we love him. What can we meow but... Yay Dad!

Thanks my dear furs. I do love you all and thank you for returning it in spades. You are always here with a purr and a rub when I am tired from work. You lull me to sleep purring next to me on the bed. I have to say... Yay Kitties!

Here is my Dad. He taught me how to be a good person and
I miss him still. 
He did so much for us all and my memories
of those 
times are sweet as honeysuckle on a warm summer day.
Thanks Dad! Love You!

Dad you are really something. We want to remind you of some of the fun you have had over the years.
I cant wait Timmy

You were a wild guy in 1977
Oh My where did you find that LOL

I liked how you worked and built this Sidecar Rig out
of a wheelchair. Remember that cool light you put on 
the rig. Me-Wow
After a Mini-Van took my leg I still wanted the wind
in my face

A cool BMW Trike from Scratch and adopting kitties who
need furever homes. Dad you are one special guy!
Thanks Timmy. I had to quit riding but...
The Memories of a Man in his old age, are the
Deeds of a Man in his Prime

*Electric Guitar Strum*

They sure are, they sure are. Now the family wants to say something to you Dad.

I luv luv luv yoo Dadz
Love you Buddy Budd

Dad you saved me. Purrrrrrrr
My bottle baby Einstein
Shhhh Dad I am a big Man Cat now

Hey I was sleeping!
Oh Fitz my girl

Sorry fur being cranky. Love you Dad Purrrrrrrrr
No worries my little Hissy Fitz
Dad... MOL

Dad you are my Best Buddy!
Rumpy thanks for meeting me every time I go outSure thing. Seeing you come home is the best part of my day.
Oh Rumpy... *Dad rubs Rumpy's head*

Purrrrrrr, Purrrrrr
Now, why do you knock so much stuff down?
Shhhhh... I'm clumsy!
Ha Ha Ha Ha

Dad you are the Best of All Dad's
Well... I don't know about that Toby...

It's a scientific fact!
How did you find that out?
My opinion and Buddy did a questionnaire of the family
I can't argue with that Ha Ha Ha

Mmmm Dad you know right where to scritch
Thanks Mr Buttons

Thanks for taking care of me.
Mr B you have no worries about that FIV with me around
Purrrrr, Purrrrr

There you have it. We will now do...
Wait a second Timmy. What do you have to say?
You have to ask. I Love You to Bits!!

Thank you Timmy. You all give me so much everyday
 I am always Amazed!Dad look here
What Timmy?
Ha Ha Ha. You kitties.

May all our friends have a fine day today with those you love

Happy Fathers Day to all our Dad Friends!

Now off to see all the Sunday Selfies out there 
with our friends at

The Cat on My Head!

Timmy Tomcat
Toby Tomcat 
Buddy Budd
Rumpy Bump Stumpnots
Miss Fitz
Mr Buttons
Dad Pete

Friday, June 16, 2017

Friday with Fitz: Keeping Tabs

Timmy are you in that nip... Again!

Oh come on. A little Pick-Me-Up never hurt anyfur

Timmy with you it's more like a Lay-Me-Down than a

Anymeow are you keeping tabs on me or what?

Keep using like that it will be Taps & Whaps instead of
Tabs you get!

Urk, just a bit more alright

Timmy - The Nip Head -Tomcat
Miss Fitz - Watchin and Whappin

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Toby plays with Mr Fevver

Toby lets play
Thanks, I need to relax
I thought so, lets go

Whoa! Those claws are crazy skeery!
My Halloween Claws Hee Hee 

I have a good Bitey too
I can see

Whew, luckily you missed

Gotcha Har Har Har
Opf... You sure did

You win Toby
Lets change to the floor alright

I like room to move
*Run, Zip, Zoom*

You are one fast kitty Toby

I was meowing about my Bitey so

My what big teeth you have! Ha Ha Ha

And the play continues with these two pals

Toby Tomcat
Mr Fevvers

Monday, June 12, 2017

Mr B the Cubist

I am so glad Dad got the Cube out

I can relax in here as I am well hidden.
I mean I am totally invisible!

That makes a cat feel relaxed so now
I will take a little nap.

Hi Buttons. Let me know when you are
done with the cube

He must have X-Ray vision!

Mr Buttons
Dad Pete