Saturday, January 21, 2017

Mr Buttons 6th Got-Cha Day!

Calling !l Cats!
Calling All Cats!
We have a Special Announcement!

Happy 6th Got-Cha Day Mr Buttons!

Oh My Cat! I had furgotten! Meow-Wow!

Dad what do you have to say to our little Brofur

Mr B I knew when you came to us as a little foster you
were a special kitty. You were full of energy and loved to play. When the family who adopted you brought you back because
you had FIV it was so unfair. I knew right then we would give you a forever home of your own.
When I saw you had come to pick me up I felt so good!
Love You Dad

Love you little fellow

Now lets get this Pawty Started

I baked you a cake Buttons. It has Nip Icing
Thanks Rumpy. No charge?
MOL Not for my pal B

For your pawty I mixed up these super tasty Niptinis.
I put these mousies out because I remember how much you
liked them when we were in the foster room together!
What a great idea Miss Fitz. You are the best sisfur ever!
Don't I know it MOL

I like to stay healthy so I brought nice fresh milk
Mmmm the paws that refreshes Toby, Thanks!

Ah knowin dis a speshul day fur ya lil'pal so ah brung 
Lobsta! Cooked to purrfectionz too
Buddy Budd my mouth is watering Thank Mew
I made up 2 fur ya B... Yessir ah did

Hi Buttons. I cooked up some nice Filets. They are so juicy and good. I made them rare just like you like them.
They smell and look super Einstein. Thank You brofur of mine

I have been cooking Bacon all morning so we can top our
plates up right. Happy Got-Cha Day Mr Buttons!
Timmy I know you and Dad put this together.  Thanks

I want to thank my wonderful family and all our dear friends who are here to help me enjoy my 6th Got-Cha Day. My time flies when you live with a great family. Love you all!

We Love You Too MButtons!

Timmy Tomcat
Toby Tomcat
Buddy Budd
Rumpy Bump Stumpnots
Miss Fitz
Mr Buttons
Dad Pete


  1. Happy gotcha day, Mr. Buttons! Those humans who brought you back sure missed out because you are one awesome guy and FIV has not ever kept you down.

  2. Happy Gotcha Day dear Mr. Buttons - what a wonderful party your family has for you today.....I agree with Summer that whoever brought you back to the shelter was NUTS to do so because having FIV sure doesn't stop a kitty from having a PURRFECT life! Enjoy YOUR day!

    Love, Angel Sammy

  3. Happy Gotcha Day from all of us Mr. Buttons!

  4. Happy Gotcha Day, Mr. B. You indeed have a terrific furmily with a most caring dad. Do you think we might have a bit of that lobsta and filet. We never get goodies like that at our house. We wish you a wonderful day filled with love and cuddles and send wishes for many, many more gotcha days. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  5. Happy Gotcha day Mr. B. We are enjoying the party!

  6. Woo hoo, Mr Buttons, what an awesome party! Honored to have the same Gotcha Day...Happy, Happy Gotcha Day, buddy! (Thanks again for your special cards for me!)

  7. Congrats Buttons ! What a great family you have !

  8. Happy Gotcha Day, Mr. Buttons! Now let's party!

  9. Happy Gotcha Day Mr. Buttons!!! I am so glad you have a loving home. Great party!!!

  10. Happy Gotcha Day, dear Buttons! You are lucky to have such a nice family and home, and what good cooks, too! ENJOY YOUR SPECIAL DAY!

  11. Happy 6th Gotcha Day, Mr Buttons. What a wonderful family you have. I think I take a slice of that nipped cake, it calls me :D Extra 6 Pawkisses for a feastful day :) <3

  12. Happy Gotcha Day, Mr. Buttons! You sure did gotcha the bestest, most loving family ever! Big hugs, purrs and all our wishes for many, many more gotchas to come!

  13. Happy Gotcha Day!!! Hope today and everyday is wonderful

  14. Happy Gotcha Day Mr Buttons ! What a great pawty ! Purrs

  15. Happy Gotcha Day!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  16. Woo Hoo Mistur Buttonss!!! Happy 6th Gotcha Day to you!!!
    Yur furamillee sure put out an amazin buff-at! Mee had sum lobster an steak an a bit of delish. Fank you fur lettin mee come to yur pawty. Mistur Pete has mee told you how wunderfull you are??? One of thee BESTEST Hu'manss inn thee werld.
    Hey Mistur B wanna go play sum mousiess now???
    ***nose rubsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxx

  17. What can I say but Happy Gotcha Day, Mr Buttons, you have one special family and we all loves you very much.... purrs ERin

  18. Happy Gotcha Day, Mr. Buttons! Looks like you party in style!

  19. Oh Mr. Buttons, we're so sorry we're late. Happy Happy Gotchaday gawjus. We know your day was purrfect and we hope da pawrty continues all month long. We're sendin' big hugs to you and all da furmily.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  20. Happy Gotcha Day Mr Buttons! You have a wonderful family.
    I haven't forgotten about all of you, but my mum hasn't been helping me visit lately. I'm hoping she will help me again after she has had all her tests and the results tell her what is wrong.

  21. Happy Happy 6th Gotcha Day Mr.Buttons!!!!!! What a pawesome pawty!!!!! I love bacon!! Love, Cody catchatwithcarenandcody

  22. Happy Gotcha Day Mr Buttons!!!!!!! Boy do you have lots of yummy things to eat. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  23. Happy Gotcha Day Mr Buttons....what a pawsome celebration!

    The Florida Furkids

  24. Happy gotcha day! Looks like you have quite the party going on. Hope you enjoy every minute of your very special day. (And Fergus wants to remind you that foster failures make the very best furry family members.)

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  25. dood....sorree we iz late with R wizhes but we wanted ta say happee gotcha day...yur partee looked total lee awesum; if therz
    any left overz we will help ya get rid oh that lobsterz !!!! heerz two another 6 N heerz two a yeer a head filled with happee nezz & health ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  26. Happy Gotcher day Mr Buttons! You have quite the party and it's so good to see your family bringing such lovely stuff!!

    We are late doing the Sunday Selfie but we are here!

    The Dash Kitten Crew

  27. A most awfully late Happy Gotcha Day to YOU, Mr Buttons. What a pawrty you had!!

    We found some leftover crumbs...and some good nip under the chair cushions, MOL!!


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