Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Have You Got An...

Have you got an Ugly Sweater? MOL! Wow what a fun they can be. We went to a great pawty didn't we Einstein
You bet Timmy! Friends we went to the Cat Scouts Ugly Sweater Pawty yesterday.

There I am on the left with my best gal Shoko of Canadian Cats
And I am in the middle with Nibbler of Momma Yvonne and Nibbler. On the right is our dear furend Mango.

We have a big event planned for a very special fur tomorrow. Hope you stop by!
It will be meowvelous fur sure. Remember to visit Cat Scouts. Maybe you will want to join in the fun!

Timmy Tomcat


  1. We are glad you had fun at the ugly sweater pawty - it sounds like a fun time! :)

  2. My human is an ugly sweater stick-in-the-mud! She refuses to wear one. I bet she would have no problem getting one for ME, though...

  3. The ugly sweater party sounds like fun.

  4. You all loook gweat in yous ugly sweaters. Me kuldn't wait to get meez sweater off. MOL have a pawsum day.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  5. MOL! Yep, those are some pretty ugly sweaters. ;)

  6. You all look very nice in your not-so-ugly sweaters! The pawty was tons of fun!

  7. Those are great sweaters, my Sammy was telling me about them :)

  8. That ugly sweater party sure sounds fun! Ya'll look fantastic!

  9. MOL!! What meowmy took all of her ugly sweaters and other Christmas clothes athat were 4 sizes too large (!) and gave them to a local other peeps could have some fun thwith those ugly sweaters, MOL!

    YOu kittiy scouts sure have the funnest times! Maybe when meowmy is retired she can let us join, too...sheesh, we will be old fogeys by then, OMC!!

  10. Sorry I missed that event! Looks like it was fun.


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